Thursday, May 29, 2014

Color Me Shocked . . .

Baltimore waterways get 'F' in latest report card
Baltimore area waterways got a failing grade in the latest report card from the Healthy Harbor Initiative. More sites were tested this year than ever before, and area streams were tested for water quality for the first time, officials said.

Baltimore's Inner Harbor is a beautiful sight until visitors stumble upon trash and other pollution. But trash in the harbor and in other waterways like the Jones Falls isn't the only factor leading to the "F" grade in the 2013 report card that was released Wednesday. "I would say that none of the streams in Baltimore City or the harbor were safe for human contact or recreation throughout," said Adam Lindquist of the Health Harbor Initiative.

Officials said the report, which was backed by Blue Water Baltimore and The Waterfront Partnership, is the most comprehensive to date. Covering streams for the first time, it includes testing sites from 360 square miles of area streams, the harbor and tidal Patapsco River, all the way to the Chesapeake Bay. "All of those water bodies have received a failing grade this year for water quality," Lindquist said.
Yep, Baltimore Harbor water quality and those of the associated streams is simply awful. We really didn't need another report from another NGO to tell us that.  They would serve better by giving the money they raise to do the "research" and write the paper to Baltimore City to use to upgrade it's sewage and storm water system.  But what's the fun in that?

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