Saturday, August 20, 2011

Jellyfish Blues at the Beach 8/20/11

It was another beautiful day down at the beach this morning.  Last night's thunderstorms has washed everything nicely, and reduced the temperature and humidity into the "excellent" zone.  Skye was raring to go. She's been a bit clingy since we got back from California.

The beach was littered with dead and dying Sea Nettles, likely washed up as a result of the strong winds after last night's thunderstorms.  I even slipped a few times when I was looking elsewhere and stepped on one.

You may recall that a few weeks ago we noticed a distinct lack of jellyfish.  They ordinarily are here thick by July 4, but this year they really didn't make much of an appearance until sometime in August. 

Left is a backwater where a large number of jellyfish have washed up.  We don't mourn the demise of Sea Nettles...
Skye got a chance to make some new friends...

"Is that a wolf?"

"Can I pet it?"

"Can she see with that eye?"

We saw a couple of eagles, this one and one juvenile, in mottled plumage. Don't ask me how old that makes it, but seeing how it was flying near this one, and it wasn't getting beat up, I think it might be this year's crop.  Sorry, I couldn't get focused on it in time.

A couple paddling their stand-on kayaks Australian style.  I hadn't seen surfers using paddles like this until three years ago when we visited Australia, now this manner of paddling seems to be catching on.

A truly great day at the beach.

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