Saturday, August 20, 2011

Got a Little Fishing In 8/20/11

Trevor and I got out for a little fishing late this afternoon.  We found a school of mixed Bluefish and Striped Bass.  The Stripers were mostly small but Trevor managed this 20 inch fish out of that lot.  We also got 10 small blues.

 After that, we set of to explore around the edges. We got a few small fish on top water plugs, and I caught this "sick fish", with big lesions (ulcerative dermatitis), and quite likely Mycobacterium too. The biggest fish of the day.  Such a shame.  This side of the fish wasn't too bad, but...
The other side was pretty awful.  We didn't keep this fish.  They do heal from UD (at least I see what I assume are healed lesions on fish)  so maybe he'll get better (but probably not).

I did get one bare minimum 18.5 inch striper a little later.
A bit of a sunset over the trees at Flag Ponds Park.

And a sink full of fish to clean.  Fresh Bluefish for dinner. They were pretty small, so it took two fish a piece.  Bluefish are best eaten the day they're caught, or smoked.

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