Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Rich Are Much Like Us...

...except that their tacky lawn ornaments are bigger and more expensive.

Yesterday we went to tour my parents old neighborhood.  Mom and Dad bought a house on the cliffs in Shell Beach years ago, well before the boom in real estate.  While they owned the house there, it became a very expensive and exclusive neighborhood, with old beach houses being replace with new mansions.
 By and large, the landscaping on these houses is incredible, with gorgeous arrangements of exotic species, with something in full bloom all the time.  But here is one of the old houses, with a set of pink flamingos.

One of the newer houses, in the gated community up the street.  These houses have an incredible view of the Pacific:

About like so, but from 50 of more feet higher.

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  1. Wow that house is incredible. I can only imagine how incredible the view is from there. I have never been to Shell Beach but if your pictures are any indication it would be a great place to stay. My wife and I are always looking for a unique beach house rental. It definitely feels like we have done your average one so something like this would be a perfect stay for us. I wonder if anyone on the Cliff's rents out their house... preferably without the lawn ornaments!