Sunday, August 21, 2011

At the Beach 8/21/11

It's heating up again here, and the humidity is starting to rise.  We had a warm southern breeze this morning, not enough to ruffle the water, but enough to keep pace with us on the way up.

We're expecting thunderstorms in the late afternoon and evening; we hope it doesn't interfere with the ZZ-Top/Joan Jett concert this evening at the Calvert Marine Museum.
 A Black Swallowtail butterfly on some vines.
Georgia continues her quest for the perfect Ecphora, Maryland' state fossil.  We find a lot of fragments, a few that are mostly complete, and have yet to find one with the complete spiral.  This one was pretty intact except for the tip.
 Some fresh fruit on a Staghorn Sumac.  The fruits are seedy but edible, and contain large quantities of ascorbic acid (vitamin C) which makes them quite tart.  It is sometimes used to make a form of lemonade (sumacade?).  Don't use Poison Sumac by mistake (it has white berries). The fruit is also a favorite of some birds.
Skye getting mobbed by a family, and loving every second of it.
A gust of wind almost pull Georgia's hat off.  It was nice walking against the wind on the way home; it kept us a little cooler.  Now if only the wind could blow away some of Skye's loose coat.
Some terns were out dipping and diving for small fish.
Skye meets a new friend, named Eddy.

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