Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Shockingly, MD Watermen Leaders Approve of Female Crab Management Plans

This is so promising, it makes me suspicious...
The leaders of two Maryland watermen’s groups say they support a new approach to managing Chesapeake Bay blue crab stocks that focuses on how many females are in the bay. A federal assessment released this week recommends tracking female crab numbers and their harvest.

Maryland Watermen’s Association President Larry Simns tells The Star Democrat of Easton that the new approach could lead regulators to cap the female harvest, but that it is probably good for the population as a whole.

Talbot County Watermen’s Association President Bunky Chance says regulating females is good management, but he is not sure how the recommendations will affect watermen.
I posted an article on the stock assessment itself yesterday, and a watermen's initial negative reactions, but perhaps their leaders know that this is the best management deal they're likely to get.

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