Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane Irene Update

Extra-tropical Storm Surge Predicted for Solomon's Maryland
Sucks to be us.  Hurricane Irene is shaping up to be a real bear.  The predicted track hasn't changed much since my last update, a near miss or a clip at the Outer Banks, then proceeding just offshore north striking the Outer Banks and skirting the shore until it slams into New York/Long Island.  The severe part of the storm will pass by late Saturday night to early Sunday morning; that leaves Saturday to take care of most of the needed preparations.

While it will be a good ways offshore here, the storm is  wide enough that we are expected to experience near hurricane force winds, 3-6 inches of rain, localized flooding, downed trees and limbs and storm surges of at least 1 feet above normal.  This picture should update itself as the storm approaches and passes, courtesy of NOAA.  Elsewhere on the coast, extreme storm surges are being predicted.

With luck, the marina will get my boat out of the water before it all starts, which will relieve me of that worry.  If wind predictions are severe enough, we'll board up the front windows. 

All in all, I expect a tough day, but hopefully, with good preparations and a little luck, no particularly onerous consequences.  Others who take a more direct hit from this extremely powerful storm are unlikely to fare as well.

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