Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Good News Girls - Chocolate Could Save Your Life

Chocolate 'cuts heart risk by a third'
Those who eat more chocolate have a 37 per cent lower risk of cardiovascular disease than those who eat little, according to a Cambridge University analysis of seven separate studies, containing in total over 100,000 people.

They also have a 29 per cent lower chance of stroke, although they do not have a lower risk of heart failure.

The studies, which followed people in Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, the US and Japan for about a decade on average, did not focus on dark chocolate alone, which is believed to be the most beneficial type.

Rather, they included consumption of other types including milk chocolate and chocolate bars, drinks, biscuits and desserts.

Dr Oscar Franco, from the university’s Cardiovascular Epidemiology Unit, said no one really understood why chocolate appeared to be so good for heart health.
Remember Fritz's Law: 50% of the science reported in the media is wrong, the other 50% is suspect.  On the other hand, why take a chance? Have a Hershey bar.

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