Monday, August 22, 2011

Probable Terrorist Attack in Hawaii

Hawaii’s genetically modified papayas attacked

HONOLULU - Thousands of papaya trees were chopped down on 10 acres of Big Island farmland under the cover of night last month. Hawaii County police said the destruction appeared to be done with a machete, but there are no leads and few clues beyond the tree stumps and all the fruit left to rot.

"It's hard to imagine anybody putting that much effort into doing something like that," said Delan Perry, vice president of the Hawaii Papaya Industry Association. "It means somebody has to have passionate reason."

A growing theory among farmers is that the attack was an act of eco-terrorism, a violent protest against the biotechnology used in growing papayas here. Police did not respond to calls seeking comment.

The majority of papayas grown on 170 farms on Oahu and the Big Island are genetically modified.

Imagine if, in the middle of the night, somebody decided to destroy something liberals produced, like say, Hollywood movies, or dead tree newspapers. The press would be up in arms, and it would be spread far beyond the local papers.

The hatred of genetically modified crops is one of the Luddite beliefs of the left that all good right thinking people should have on the tip of their tongues when liberals complain about how conservatives are anti-science because many of them don't accept anthropogenic global warming and a fraction don't accept evolution.

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