Thursday, August 11, 2011

Rock Fishing, 8/10/11

We arranged for a half day bottom fishing trip for my brothers and I and their three sons (daughters were invited too, but declined).  Avila Harbor was cool and misty this morning...
The three boys, Matthew, Conrad and Karl ( left to right).  We went out with Patriot Sportfishing, at 6 AM on one of their big head boats.

We were fishing with live anchovies, just off the bottom in 120-150 ft of water, using 1 lb sinkers.
 Fishing was pretty good; we had no trouble getting our limits of 10 of mixed "rockfish" (not Striped Bass, but rather the California rockfish, mostly Sea Bass in genus Sebastes.

Here is a nice sized "Red rockfish" caught by a young lady near at hand.  The biggest fish on the boat today was an 11 lb Ling Cod (sorry, no picture). Conrad had one of these hold onto one of his fish until it reached the surface.
Here is our pile of fish, 60 in all (six limits) being filleted by the mates.  Well worth the cost.
And, of course, the additional fun of watching the gulls and pelicans fighting over the carcases..
 A Brown Pelican slides in for a share of the take.

All in all, a morning well spent.  We had fish tacos for the main course for dinner at the hotel barbeque tonight, and two large bags of fillets will go home with Ted and Mark.
Panoramic View of Avila Habor

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