Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Fishing Interruptus

Watermen tending a pound net
Pete asked if I would be the 4th on group of fishermen who were going today. One was an old friend from the Air Force (Pete was a Master Sergeant until he retired to become a full time fishing guide), and two of his current co-workers.  We left Solomons around 6 AM for the islands on the Eastern side.
It was a glorious weather day. Warm, sunny, not windy, and the marshes on the other side are starting to green up, although the marsh grass isn't high yet.
 Apparently the good weather sent the fish on vacation as well. We hit most of the familiar places, but catching was only so-so and mostly small fish.

Around noon, one of the fliers got a text (cell reception is sketchy in the islands), and suddenly they needed better cell reception. It turns out they work in air flight safety, and they were just notified of the crash of the WC-130 in Georgia. What little they told me contradicts some of the news reports that I've seen since then. Anyway, we had to pack up and go home so they could go to work.

God speed.

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