Saturday, February 6, 2016

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On the email scandal front, Hillary proclaims herself  '100 percent confident' FBI won't find wrongdoing. I'm afraid the fix is too, but she's in a better position to know. However, insiders in the Party are  starting to consider how to get Joe Biden to take her place. When you've lost Colbert King: Clinton email scandal: Why it might be time for Democrats to draft Joe Biden.   Ed Henry: Talk of a "Draft Biden" Movement Grows as Hillary Clinton Plummets:
I honestly don't know how this could happen. I suppose write-in? Biden can't get on most ballots due to expired deadlines. People keep talking about the Toricelli Precedent, but ah, keep in mind, The Toricelli Precedent involves advantaging Democrats at the expense of the Unpeople from Jesusland, Republicans.

Different set of laws apply when you're asked to re-write the law to hurt a Democrat.
Really, it's not the person, it's the party being helped that matters.

The newest furuncle in the infection is the growing controversy over Bill and Hillary's speaking fees. $153 million in Bill and Hillary Clinton speaking fees, documented is nice work, if you can get it. Hey remember when Bain Capital was the Bane of Mitt Romney? Good times! Hillary has a planned fundraiser with….BAIN CAPITAL?!? Bernie, for his part, has challenged Hillary to produce transcripts of the talks, to find out what people were buying. "I will look into it," said Hillary Clinton at Thursday's debate, when asked if she'd release the transcripts of all her paid speeches.
Without the transcripts, we should — for our own protection and because it's most likely — infer that what is in the transcripts would be harmful to the argument she's making to the great masses of Americans. We should infer that she told a different story to the elite insiders. It was the most reasonable interpretation even before she resisted releasing the transcripts. The inference is stronger now that she's resisted giving us the transcripts. She needs to release the transcripts to refute the interpretation that we are otherwise compelled to make.
 Feminists have taken to calling any criticism of Hillary's speaking style (and generally any criticism of Hillary) as sexist, just as any criticism of Barack Hussein Obama was called racist. Catherine Rampal, the left-wing millennial columnist for the Washington Post, enlarged that to any criticism of her hair or clothing
It is precisely Sanders’s au-naturel-ness that endears him to his young fans: his unkempt hair, his ill-fitting suits, his unpolished Brooklyn accent, his propensity to yell and wave his hands maniacally. Sanders, it appears, woke up like this.

These qualities are what make him seem “authentic,” “sincere” even — especially when contrasted with Clinton’s hyper-scriptedness. Sanders, unlike Clinton, doesn’t give a damn if he’s camera-ready.

This is, of course, a form of authenticity that is off-limits to any female politician, not just one with Clinton’s baggage.
Ann Althouse has a number of objections to this column:
 10. "But they also can’t appear to be trying too hard...." That sounds like it means poor Hillary has to try hard not to look as though she's trying too hard. That's a hell of a lot of trying. An alternative is to let your natural self shine through. If you've got one.
Young Women in NH ‘Offended’ Clinton Using Gender as Political Tool

Is it time to give a 35 year old hedge fund multimillionaire political activist serious treatment? Time for Chelsea Clinton's Easy Ride to EndWhy is the press treating a wealthy, 35-year-old political operative like she's still a White House kid?

The future of the Democratic Party was two angry old leftists screaming at each other for two hours to decide who hates capitalism more.

With the MSNBC and the Democratic Party's logos on a red background, the stage was set for a redder than red debate. Red was everywhere, reflected in the thick glasses of Bernie Sanders and in the garish red lipstick around Hillary Clinton's orifice of lies, and in their clamorous rants about Wall Street and the evils of capitalism that could have come from a back alley Communist pamphleteer in the 50s.
I noticed that color thing, too.

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