Monday, October 5, 2015

Final Butte Fire Update

It's out (and has been since Thursday):
The deadly Butte fire was fully contained this week after destroying hundreds of homes and scorching 70,868 acres in California’s Gold Country.

After burning for nearly a month in Amador and Calaveras counties, firefighters announced Thursday that they had stamped out the massive blaze.

The fire is the seventh most destructive in state history, consuming nearly 820 structures, more than half homes.

The cause is under investigation, but Pacific Gas & Electric Co. said it may have been started when a power line came into contact with a tree.

Two deaths have been attributed to the Butte fire. Mark McCloud, 66, and Owen Goldsmith, 82, were residents of Mountain Ranch who refused to evacuate.
My sister-in-law Monica and her photographer friend Maria Camillo rode around the area and took some pictures, which I've stolen from Facefook:

Remember, this a human tragedy, but not an ecological one. The land there is a fire climax forest and chaparral community; it will come back fine once the rains return.

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