Thursday, November 7, 2013

Crazy Women Seeks Texas Governorship

In 1996, Wendy Davis lost a city council election in Fort Worth, Texas, and filed an utterly ridiculous lawsuit claiming she had been defamed by the local newspaper. (Trust me on this: I’ve recently become an expert on utterly ridiculous defamation lawsuits.)

One of the claims Davis made was that she had suffered damage to her mental health because of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram‘s coverage.

In other words: Wendy Davis is crazy and, she alleged, the newspaper made her crazy. However, I think any sane person perusing her lawsuit would conclude that Wendy Davis was certifiably crazy long before she ever ran for city council.
Wendy Davis is, of course, the Texas State legislator (D) seeking the governorship on the all abortion all the time ticket.  Only in the Democratic Party would self-admitted crazy be considered a qualification for office.

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