Friday, July 15, 2022

The Biden 'Doom' Poll, The Great Realignment, Gavin Measures White House Drapes

It's getting hard to find new superlatives as Biden continues to slide toward the dustbin of history.

 AllahPundit at Haut Hair is almost in tears at Another doom poll: Biden ratings on approval, economy now below the worst of Obama's and Trump's terms, "At some point, the stink of failure just won’t wash off. Especially since Biden’s age makes it easy for voters to conclude that he’s not so much a prisoner of unlucky global events as too slow-footed to get out in front of them." Also, Irreparable: Just 18% say Biden should run again, "There’s no way back from this." Also at Haut Hair, Capt. Ed cites FiveThirtyEight: Biden has the worst midterm rating of any post-WWII president, "To quote an old ad from John Houseman, Joe Biden got it the old-fashioned way — he earned it." Pew, Biden’s Job Rating Slumps as Public’s View of Economy Turns More Negative, but they're not terribly fond of Republicans either. 

Haut Hair cites Yascha Mounk at the Slantic, Democrats need a real primary contest. John Sexton at Haut Hair, on The Great Realignment: Woke, white progressives are defining the Democratic Party. The party of Karens. AllahPundit has hope, though, Are Dem voters "decoupling" their support for the party from their support for Biden? "Ed took a skeptical view of this idea yesterday. I’m a bit more credulous, but only a bit. A president’s job approval is the political equivalent of gravity; his party can’t escape it for long." Josh Kraushaar at Anxious approve of  The Democratic electorate's seismic shift.  From the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.14.22 Herr Professor Jacobsen discusses The Great Realignment: Democrats Increasingly The Party of Elite Whites, Republicans Increasingly Racially-Diverse And Working Class. Kevin Downey at PJ Media, Adios, Muchachos! Breakfast Taco-Americans Hand Divorce Papers to Woke Democrats. Also at PJ Media Stephen Kruiser sends A Thank You Note to DOCTOR Mama Jill Biden for Being an Idiot with her breakfast tacos comment. Capt. Ed catches Da Hill as it warns Dems: GOP about to "steal" Hispanic voters, you know. Democrats persuade, Republicans steal. 

Matt Margolis at PJ Media, We Now Know Who 'Pedo Peter' on Hunter Biden's iPad Is, and I Have Serious Questions "Breitbart News has learned that Pedo Peter is the name assigned to his 17-year-old niece, Natalie Biden—the daughter of his late brother Beau, and of Hallie Biden, Beau’s widow, with whom Hunter had a romantic relationship after Beau’s passing. So, yeah, I have some questions. Serious questions."

Ace, Alice in Wonderland "Justice:" Biden Makes Good On His "Sentence First, Verdict Later" Pledge and Punishes Border Patrol Agents, Despite an Investigation Clearing Them Of Having "Whipped" Illegal Aliens, "John Sexton at Hot Air covered this last Friday. I missed it."

Sundance at CTH notices NYT Democrat Voter Poll Shows Base Do Not Want Biden Reelected, Biden Leaves Town and California Governor Gavin Newsom Shows up at the White House. At Twitchy, UH OH! Clay Travis spotted something diabolical in timing of Dem governor’s White House visit. Stephen Kruiser thinks Gavin Newsom Wants to Get Crushed by a Republican in 2024. Meanwhile Politico has dyspepsia at the thought of  Trump discussing 2024 plans at secret donor dinners.

At RCP an analysis suggests Republicans Are Favored to Win the Senate. Josh Kraushaar at Anxious, GOP fears Senate debacle. Never doubt the GOP ability to blow an advantage. Capt. Ed studies an AJC poll: Kemp up seven in Georgia -- but Walker down three? "Have Georgia voters become a ticket-splitting electorate? A new poll from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution appears to show a remarkably flexible approach to the midterms by Peach State voters." Stephen Kruiser reports Mark Kelly Has Monster Fundraising Quarter, AZ GOP Still Doesn't Have a Candidate. "I’m not saying that this is a done deal for Kelly. He’s one of the biggest liars in a party full of them and he’s running on a two-year (he was elected to fill out John McCain’s term) record that isn’t reality-based. There is a good chance that all the money in the world won’t be able to buy him enough lipstick to put on the pig that is the Biden economy and get him re-elected." WaPoo manifests concerned that After stroke, Fetterman slowly returns to Pa. Senate race

Athena Thorne at PJ Media details More Fallout for Democrats From 10-Year-Old Rape Victim Story. It appears the 'mother' supports the alleged rapist. Do we have a child sex trafficking ring here? Ace, Mother of Girl In #Shes10 Abortion Case: All the Claims About the Man Who Had Sex With My Daughter Are Lies. KT at Haut Hair, Indy Star: Abortion doctor did file forms with appropriate agencies after 10 year old's abortion, but they still didn't need to go out of state, and did anyway, why? John Sexton, AOC's attack on the Washington Post shows you who she is. Attacks Glenn Kessler, their fact spinner checker for actually verifying the story. Politico ‘Oh, God, no’: Republicans fear voter backlash after Indiana child rape case. This is entirely a Democrat scandal. 

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.14.22, J. Christian Adams at Da Fed shows how Courts Squash Democrats’ ‘Most Secure Election’ Lie: Swing States Didn’t Follow Their Own Laws In 2020, but you won't read that at WaPoo.

KT at Haut Hair AOC claims she was going to "deck" heckler on Capitol steps during “deeply disgusting incident” She needs thicker skin. Insty  PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS: AOC Melts Down over Comedian’s Catcalls — Days After Mocking Concerns for Kavanaugh’s Safety.  But Tristan Justice at Da Fed says Even AOC Is Doing A Better Job Questioning Capitol Security Features Than The Theatrical J6 Committee

At CNN, First on CNN: Trump tried to call a member of the White House support staff talking with January 6 committee, sources say. In other words, didn't talk to them. Scandalum magnatum. AllahPundit is concern trolling with a Report that Secret Service's text messages on Jan. 5 and 6 disappeared -- after IG requested them "We can’t simply assume corruption so long as incompetence remains a plausible explanation. And incompetence is always a live theory when the Secret Service is involved."

Nice Deb at Am Great reports on how Federal Judge Sentences 69-Year-Old Grandmother With Cancer to 2 Months in Jail For ‘Parading’ in the Capitol on January 6. Meanwhile, Ray Epps walks free:

Campus Reform tells of a Harvard Law instructor: 'It is our civic duty to accost' the '6 justices who overturned Roe'. Forget it Jake, it Harvard. John Sexton reports Ruth Sent Us seems to be falling apart. Banned by Twitter for advocating violence. 

This has been out of the news for a while but Capt. Ed cites the WSJ: The baby-formula shortage is getting ... worse? So, Biden didn't fix it? 

The Intelligencer claims to have 15 Revelations in Twitter’s Suit Against Elon Musk. WSJ thinks Twitter’s Lawsuit Against Elon Musk Looks Like a Loser, "The company probably can’t prove damages, and its shareholders weren’t a party to the agreement." At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.14.22, Louder with Crowder is amused that Twitter Includes Poop Emoji as Evidence Against Elon Musk - Louder With Crowder. Althouse, "The agglomeration of legal talent on both sides of Twitter v. Musk is mind-boggling—as is the amount of money being billed on this case.". They can afford it. Molly Roberts at WaPoo whines Why are Trump and Musk feuding? They’re the same.

Stacy McCain thinks Darwin Smiles at young women threatening to get sterilized over the Dobbs decision. "Sterilization should be mandatory for everybody who uses “they/them” pronouns. Mentally defective people should not be reproducing." The occasionally sensible Megan McArdle says A Berkeley professor’s Senate testimony didn’t go how the left thinks it did. Breitbart finds CDC Directs LGBT Children to Secretive Chats About Sex Changes, Activism, the Occult. Nothing say science like biology denial, astrology and tarot. 

The fact is that without our influence, the American left would go full Stalin, and you never, ever go full Stalin. With their own country sharing our continent, the blues would turn America into the world’s most oppressive college campus and then would immediately blame their myriad woes on red America. And that is a recipe for trouble. We’re all stuck on the same continent, and that’s too close for comfort. What we need is some constitutional marriage counseling because there’s a big chance that a national divorce would make all our problems a hundred times worse.

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