Wednesday, July 13, 2022

No Way Biden Survives

John Sexton at Haut Hair calls Democrats' desire to get rid of Joe Biden almost unprecedented. 64% of Democrats want a different nominee. But then, before Clyburn, not many of them wanted him the first time. They agreed on him to stop Sanders and Warren and obvious loss.

Obviously inflation is a big part of this but I think the real reason is his age. Democrats have only recently been able to admit that what Republicans have been saying for months is obviously true: Biden has lost a step or two and it shows. He’s too old to be president now much less to run again in two years.

At PJ Media, Athena Thorne predicts There's No Way Joe Biden Survives This: Democrats Must Jettison Him BEFORE Midterm Season Heats Up. I'm beginning to suspect Hunter might be happy with that outcome. 

As the Hunter Biden story continues to explode in scandal and scope, it’s becoming impossible to hide. Even if Fake News and Big Tech keep up their efforts to suppress it, it’s so vast and egregious that it’s going to erupt into a campaign issue in the fall — and Democrats can’t have that.

Matt Vespa at Town Hall wonders Who's Behind These Damning Leaks Against Joe Biden? "Are Biden's Top Staffers Stabbing Him in the Back?" John Green at Am Think thinks Hopelessness is all the Democrats have left. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair sees  Progressives yelling at  Absent Joe: Go out and shake your fist at more clouds!, also, CNN data analyst: It's the economy in the midterms, stupid ... not the J6 hearings. Mediaite, ‘It’s Inflation!’: CNN’s Harry Enten Says Jan. 6 Hearings Have Not Moved the Needle for Dems Before Midterms

Luke Rosiak at Da Wire documents how the Biden Family Sought To Make Money By Giving China ‘Preferential Access’ To US Energy

Tacogate! Jim Treacher sees National Association of Hispanic Journalists to DOCTOR Jill Biden: "We Are Not Tacos". Howie Carr at BH, Democrats look ill from too many ‘bogoda’ breakfast tacos. Brandon Morse at Red State, Jill Biden Has Her Press Secretary Apologize for Her Over Comparing Latinos to Tacos. She was too embarrassed. Scott Johnson at Power Line, The taco apology. Ace, Jill "El Medico" Biden Sends Out An Underling to Apologize On Her Behalf For Saying All Latinxes Are Tacos. But the real story, as always, is "Republicans pounce!" Capt. Ed again, Politico warns Dems: Republicans "on offense" in Hispanic districts

AllahPundit at Haut Hair get the shivers at this NYT poll: Nearly half of Republicans are ready for a different nominee in 2024. I'm OK with that. Capt. Ed, Musk fires back: Trump's too old and creates "too much drama" for 2024

Anxious is anxious for Why Democrats want Nevada to vote first in 2024. At WaPoo, cited by Haut Hair, Gene Robinson thinks If Herschel Walker wins in Georgia, America will have lost its mind. So, he's an athlete and not very smart. We've done worse on both sides of the aisle. 'Bonchie' at Red State warns that Democrats Prepare a Mid-Term October Surprise to Influence the Election, more Wuhan Flu regulations and election meddling.

If you’ve read this far, you probably see where I’m going with this. Prior to the 2020 election, Democrats used the threat of COVID as an excuse to push through election law changes in a variety of states. That included swing states like Pennsylvania. Mail-in balloting became common, with unmonitored drop boxes being placed around cities. Things like so-called “drive-thru voting” also became popularized as well as extensions that allowed ballots to be returned well after election day.

What that all added up to was a chaotic free-for-all of an election with very few guardrails, and that’s exactly what Democrats want to see again in November. You can even put aside the discussion over fraud. The fact is that Democrats benefit from ballot harvesting and mass mail-in voting. There’s a reason they wanted to federalize those practices while eliminating election security provisions like voter ID.

The White House is clearly rolling out a plan to try to push more COVID hysteria as we head into the fall. That hysteria will be used to justify a push to change election laws again. Democrats need something to change the game because their actual governance isn’t going to cut it.

Maybe this would work, from Campus Reform, Student op-ed claims certain voting privileges should be revoked from 'cis men'

Anxious anxiously informs us How the Jan. 6 committee plans to tie Trump to extremist groups. With lies and innuendo. The Peacock screams Cipollone corroborated virtually everything from Hutchinson, Jan. 6 panel member says "It was unclear if Cipollone was directly asked by investigators about the specifics of some of the more explosive aspects of Hutchinson’s testimony — including that they would be charged with “every crime imaginable” if Trump went to the Capitol on Jan. 6." In other words, they didn't ask anything they knew would impeach her testimony. AllahPundit orgasms at In their own words: The bananas December 18, 2020 meeting about seizing voting machines. I don't think it's bananas to seize possible evidence of a crime. Now, we'll never know, right? And, "A sitting president asking for civil war": Brad Parscale's post-insurrection texts stun viewers of Jan. 6 hearing. Bulwark Girlz Phil Rotner warns Don't play Bannon's game. He's clearly afraid of his testimony. 

KT at Haut Hair, Graham ordered to testify for special grand jury in Georgia. The Fulton County fishing expedition. 

And because I need to go get a root canal, some DIY Culture War:

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