Saturday, July 23, 2022

Forget It Jake, It's Baltimore

Marilyn Mosby
Actually, they may have done something right for a change. Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair reports Baltimore State's Attorney dumped in Democratic primary

Maryland held its primary elections this week and one of the contests that was being watched closely was the race for the Baltimore State’s Attorney’s office currently held by Marilyn Mosby. Because of state election laws, the mail-in ballots couldn’t be counted until Thursday and the race was close enough that a winner wasn’t declared until last night. Those results, while close, appeared to suggest one surprising message from the voters. There is apparently a limit to the amount of corruption that Democrats will tolerate from one of their own even in a city as bright blue as Baltimore. The embattled Mosby lost to Ivan Bates, a defense attorney and form prosecutor. And since the Democratic Primary is effectively the same thing as the general election in this Democrat-run city, Bates should replace her next year. Of course, this won’t be the last we hear from Mosby since she has a slew of appointments with various judges coming up because of all of the corruption accusations against her. That was likely a large factor in the decision delivered by the voters.

It's always possible the alternative could be worse, I suppose, it is Baltimore after all, but they would have to try awfully hard. 

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