Monday, July 18, 2022

Biden STILL Sliden', The Monkey Pox Election

In well worn language, Capt. Ed at Haut Hair says Biden still slidin': New job approval low in Fox poll, GOP up 3 in generic ballot and Biden: Saudis are lying and stop talking about our fist-bump. The fist bump thing doesn't bother me much. Presidents are forced to work with awful people. Paul Bedard at WaEx has a poll, Zogby: Base abandons Biden, 'terrible numbers' "This week’s White House Report Card finds President Joe Biden abandoned by his base, with 64% of Democrats hoping he doesn’t run for reelection and 94% of younger voters (a group he won by 24 percentage points in 2020) agreeing." George NeuMayer at Am Spec, wonders Are Catholics Deserting Biden? "His hostility to religious freedom might explain some of the dissatisfaction." Fox, Glenn Greenwald explains media shift against Biden: 'Democrats are petrified' he’s going to run again. CNN whines about Jill Biden on President Joe Biden's hindered progress: 'He had so many hopes'. KT at Haut Hair, Jill Biden whines at DNC fundraiser: Joe "had so many hopes" now dashed by reality. Reality has a way of doing that. At WaEx, Biden's 'selfishness' gaffe latest in long line after teleprompter blunder. Matthew Boose at Am Great thinks Biden’s Collapse Exposes Rot in the Establishment, Not to me, I've seen it for a long time. He's just the newest, most egregious example. Matt Margolis at PJ Media says there is Overwhelming Evidence: Joe Biden Lied, Had Dozens of Meetings with Hunter Biden's Business Partner, "Now, according to Hunter Biden’s personal calendar, which was found on his abandoned laptop, we know that between 2008 and 2016, Hunter met with his dad at least 30 times at the White House or the vice president’s residence after returning home from overseas business trips."  Beth Whitehead at Da Fed catalogs 11 Of The Biden Administration’s Greatest Failures So Far, but the day is young. Josh Hammer at Front Page just says Resign, Joe, worst president ever. 

Ace, It's Not Just That Biden Is Stupid, Venal, Senile And Mean, It's Also That His Handlers Seem To Be The Same! Even Robert Reich at the Guardian, As a 76-year-old let me say: Joe Biden is too old to run again. At Summit news, Former White House Physician Says “Biden Won’t Finish His Term” “His mind is too far gone.” Ronnie Jackson. At Am Think, C.J. Baker, M.D. looks at the data and asks What is Joe Biden's Life Expectancy?  Not looking good. ". . . a second Biden term presents the very real prospect of a president who cannot identify his family members, count down from ten, nor control toilet function, with three years remaining in his term." 

Brian Joondeph at Am Think thinks The 2024 Horserace is Underway – Who are the Favorites?. At CNS News, As Midterm Elections Approach, Voters Put Everyday Concerns Ahead of Media’s Top Issues, Rasmussen Reveals, no matter how loud they shout and point. Nick Arama at Red State is confident, Don't Get Taken in by NYT Poll: Red Wave Will Dash Dems' Dreams for Midterms, but at Front Page,  Wayne Allen Root  warns The Democrat Plan to Steal the Midterms. Will this be the "monkeypox" election? Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media asks What Nefarious Trickery Will Democrats Stoop to In November? The NYPo ed board notices Progressives are failing America’s cities, and urban voters are finally waking up. Wa Free Bee catches an Arizona Dem: If You Marry a White Guy, You Ain’t Latina. At least he didn't us Latinx. Also, a Report: Just 14 Percent of Stacey Abrams’s Fundraising Haul Came From Georgia Residents, "Donors in California, New York, and Washington, D.C."  At Da Wire, Liz Cheney Trailing By Double Digits In Wyoming GOP Primary Poll. Well deserved. 

AP conveniently finds No major problems with ballot drop boxes in 2020. Then you won't mind if they're banned, right?

Sundance at CTH wonders Whatever Happened to the Information of The DNC Law Firm Having an FBI Search Portal in Their DC Office? The dog that didn't bark. 

Jorge Bonilla@BonillaJL "WATCH: Telemundo's @MariaVargasPion confirms domestic relationship in horrendous Ohio child rape case" Check the mother's DNA to make sure she really is the mother and not "the mistress."

On the J6 front, Roger Kimball at Am Great discourses on Regime Propaganda, Ray Epps, and the New York Times, "In order to understand what the Times is up to, one needs to approach its stories as one would approach those emitted by the Soviet Union or other totalitarian regimes." Anxious is anxious  about a Former Pence aide who warns Testifying to Jan. 6 panel could set "very risky precedent" "Do you want a precedent where all of a sudden you're allowed to bring former vice presidents to talk about what they were doing when they were vice president into Congress to talk about their conversations with the president of the United States?" Remembering Biden was a VP. Chris Barron at HE thinks The Real Goal of the J6 Committee is to Dehumanize Political Opponents. For sundance, though, it always gets back to protecting the surveillance state, Precursor, The Larger Motive of the J6 Committee, and The J6 Motive – Why Donald Trump Must be Removed, The Political Surveillance of American Citizens. Both can be right. At Am Great The redoubtable Julie Kelly wonders What is Adam Schiff Hiding?, "Schiff tucked an amendment into the National Defense Authorization Act that would prohibit any evidence collected in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act from being used in investigations. Why?" It's unclear but it's very suspicious. Bob Spencer at Front Page reveals Southern Poverty Law Center Helping Out With Jan. 6 Witch Hunt, "An Unholy Alliance aims to destroy all opposition to the Left." Any effort involving the SPLC is self refuting. But at Am Spec, Debra Saunders says Jan. 6: Bad Advice Has Bad Consequences. "Including a lack of trust in election integrity." Atop Da Hill, Growing support for political violence raises alarms. They didn't mind when the violence was from the left. 

Insty, POUNCING, SEIZING — AND LATCHING! New York Times: GOP ‘Seizes on Inflation,’ Campaign Ads Risk Recession? "[New York Times economic policy reporter Alan Rappeport] couldn’t avoid how the inflation issue was killing the administration in polls. When Republicans weren’t “seizing,” they were latching . . . " At Fox, a Fox News Poll: Voters say the economy is bad, and they expect it will get worse. History would suggest it. The I&I ed. board takes on a big job, Cataloguing Biden’s Ineptitude On Inflation in 14 easy steps, as of today. Sundance hears a Former Obama Economic Advisor Say Best Way to Deal with Inflation is to Raise Taxes and Plunge Main Street into a Recession. No matter what the problem, their answer is always higher taxes and more power to the feds. 

Also from sundance, Sunday Talks, Biden Energy Security Coordinator Amos Hochstein Spins Saudi Trip and Need for Windmills. Eric Worrall at WUWT cites S&P: Chronic Copper Shortages will “Short Circuit” Net Zero 2050. You can't depend on electricity you can't deliver. Rick Moran at PJ Media has more bad news, Gas Prices Could Be Spiking Again by Election Day, but it will be a useful reminder. 

Stacey Lennox at PJ Media reports Joe Biden Acted to Avert a Railroad Crisis, for Now. For now being the operative part of the phrase. 

From WaEx, AOC laments 'insane' cost of being congresswoman despite $174,000 salary, which is why most of them accept legal graft in one form or another, but as Andrew Kerr notes a Financial boon awaits AOC and other 'Squad' members if Biden cancels student debt.

Fox, Judge blocks Biden admin's transgender school bathroom rule, athletes

A federal judge has blocked a directive from President Joe Biden’s administration that allowed transgender workers and students to use school restrooms matching their gender identities. It also allowed transgender athletes to join sports teams corresponding with their chosen genders. The directive was blocked by Judge Charles Atchley Jr. of the Eastern District of Tennessee, a Trump appointee, after a coalition of 20 Republican attorneys general sued last year, Reuters reported.

Athena Thorne at PJ Media, Federal Judge Blocks Biden Admin Pro-Transgender Directives. At Am Think Pamela Geller thinks Lia Thomas’ ‘Woman of the Year’ Award Is More of the Left’s War on Women.  Lloyd Billingsley at Am Great, a Top Secret! Men Competing Against Women is Unfair, "FINA rolls back Lia Thomas types, but there’s a catch. . . .  FINA has now halted the Thomas-style cheaters but still backs the transformation process, as long as it starts before age 12. That would require parental collaboration for the requisite intervention." At Am Think, Monroe Wesson thinks Gay Marriage is An Odd Solution to Legitimate Problems. It's almost like they were stretching for excuses. At Da Caller, Libs Melt Down After CNN Host Suggests They Stop Fretting About Gender Pronouns. Fareed Zakaria saw they were getting killed on the issue. 

Conor Friedsdorf at the Slantic, cited at Haut Hair on How to fix the bias against free speech on campus, and shockingly, proposes a cure worse than the disease. 

At NYPo, Karol Markowicz sees Those destroying public schools don’t want you thinking about alternatives

At Am Think, Monica Showalter has a poll, Military families recommending the service to family members plummets. Liberals have long dreamed of destroying the military by one means or another. 

Stacy McCain on Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Care to guess who was causing problems?
A California amusement park was forced to close early after multiple fights broke out, causing panic.
Buena Park police also said numerous 911 callers also reported shots fired at Knott’s Berry Farm, though investigators determined no shooting occurred at the amusement park.
“We’re currently working an incident at Knott’s Berry Farm involving multiple fights in the park,” the Buena Park Police Department said. “A report of shots fired was reported with numerous 911 callers. Officers were on scene during the calls and determined there was no shooting.”
“Knotts Berry Farm has closed for the night, and we ask you avoid the area until further notice,” the department added in its public advisory published Saturday evening. . . .
Social media video showed park security tackling groups of young people to break up a fight. Additional footage showed a young male being punched multiple times by another park-goer on the pavement.
Orange County Fire Authority said three people were injured in the fights. Two people were transported to area hospitals, while the third declined to be brought in for additional medical treatment.
Gosh, I wonder who these “groups of young people” were?

Too bad. I have fond memories of Knott's Berry Farm from being a kid. I mean, it wasn't Disneyland or anything, but I kind of liked panning for gold.    

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