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Backwards Joe, Supes Ready to Undo Election Meddling

From Breitbart, Joe Biden on Independence Day: America Has ‘Come Up Short’ and Feels Like It Is ‘Moving Backward’ It's hard to disagree; we allowed them to put you in office. Also, a Poll: Joe Biden’s Job Approval Underwater in 48 States, 30% Overall, only Hawaii and Vermont approve. And Only 18 Percent of Independents Approve of Joe Biden’s Job Performance. Don't get too cocky; about half those 'independents' think he's not fucking up the country fast enough. Bob Spencer at Front Page asks Why Aren't Democrats Enthused About Biden for 2024? "He's everything they want in a president - and then some." See above. Steve Hayward at Power Line thinks there's a Pincer Movement to Dump Biden Taking Shape

First, we can expect a steady drumbeat of media stories such as the latest from mainstream political reporter Ronald Brownstein. His latest headline: “Is Biden a Man Out of Time?
. . .
The second part of the pincer move will be party insiders who start publicly dumping on Biden. This week it is David Axelrod, the impresario of Barack Obama’s rise to power. Appearing on CNN, Axelrod said that “There is this sense that things are kind of out of control and he’s not in command.”
. . .
Then there is the polling data, which will be the third part of the pincer move to oust Biden. The worst polling news for Biden right now comes from a new Harvard-CAPS/Harris Poll that finds 71 percent of respondents don’t want Biden to run for a second term in 2024.

I'm happy to do my small part. Fourth part appears to be suggesting other candidates. From across da pond at Da Mail, Deeply unpopular Joe Biden could face primary CHALLENGE if he decides to run for White House again in 2024: Illinois Governor JB Pritzker is touted as possible rival after declaring move 'certainly possible'. Of course, there's Hillary hovering like a vulture, on Da Hill, Now more than ever, Democrats need Hillary Clinton, says one of her henchpeople. And it appears Gavin Newsom  is positioning himself to Californicate America, California Gov. Gavin Newsom launches ads urging Floridians to leave state, at NYPO, California Gov. Gavin Newsom launches ads urging Floridians to leave state

As Breitbart notes, Nolte: On This July 4th, Trump Is America’s Most Popular Politician, but he is probably the most hated as well. Da Caller reports Trump Sends Cease And Desist Letter To Arizona Senate Candidate. Meanwhile, Democrat candidates are actively avoiding Joe's help. At Newsweek, Peter Roff inquires What Kind of President Do Republicans Want?. Answer, not this kind, also from Newsweek, Liz Cheney Not Ruling Out 2024 Presidential Run. Michael Walsh at Da Pipeline, Winter and the Fourth of July

Never give up—but never hesitate to change generals when you have to. To equate the fate of our Republic with one man's loss—and, worse, to hold it hostage to his pique—is in absurd and dangerous. Scipio was a better general than Varro. Grant was a better general than McLellan. Ron DeSantis, 43, who has yet to put a foot wrong as governor of the free state of Florida, will be a far better general than Trump, who will be 78 years old in 2024. One geriatric president is enough.

Thanks to the Democrats' Jan 6 hearings, and in particular to the unforced and artless testimony of Cassidy Hutchinson, Trump has been irremediably damaged. America doesn't need a King Lear, railing about loyalty among a superannuated rum crew (Roger Stone, Rudy Giuliani) while a younger, stronger, better man awaits his turn on the national stage. Let us hope, and pray, that the trial balloons regarding an early announcement of a Trump 2024 candidacy, designed to cut the legs out from underneath any challengers, are just so much Fourth of July hot air, to be borne aloft and away before the last hot dog dies.

Fight on, but fight the next war, not the last one.

At the Wa Free Bee, Supreme Court Poised To End Leftwing Election Shenanigans, by ruling favorably on state's rights to control their own elections over the objections to state courts. Herr Professor Jacobsen at LI on the case, “The Nightmare Scenario SCOTUS is Plotting For the 2024 Election Takeover” – Fear Mongering Over Upcoming Moore v. Harper Case, "Lefty Radio Host Thom Hartmann: “Six Republicans on the Supreme Court just announced — a story that has largely flown under the nation’s political radar — that they’ll consider pre-rigging the presidential election of 2024.”"

How will the Court rule? No leak needed. Read the Alito Dissent on the stay motion. That reads like a strong candidate for a majority opinion.

According to the Babylon Bee, Star Witness Amber Heard To Testify In Next Jan. 6 Committee Hearing. Dan Chaitin at WaEx hears that Kinzinger reveals more witnesses but no corroboration details for 'inspiring' Cassidy Hutchinson, for some odd reason they apparently have no intention of putting the Secret Service on the stand to contradict her. At Breitbart, Jeh Johnson ‘Concerned’ J6 Committee ‘Overreached’ on Trump-Lunge Story: Wouldn’t Be ‘Admissible in a Courtroom’ not even the Star Chamber. The redoubtable Julie Kelly at Am Great, Another January 6 Lie: No ‘Armed Mob’ "If January 6 was so bad, why do they have to keep lying about it?" Henry Rogers at Da Caller hears Jan. 6 Committee Member Zoe Lofgren Wonder Why DOJ Hasn’t Subpoenaed Cassidy Hutchinson, or words to that effect. Sarah Arnold at Town Hall catches Liz admitting her goals, Cheney: 'I Can Make Sure Trump Never Gets Anywhere Close to the Oval Office Again'. Shouldn't that be the electorates choice to make? In today's candidate for dog bites man story of the day,  Newsmax runs with Trump Blasts Cheney, Jan. 6 'Fake Unselect Committee.' At Am Think, Richard McDonough predicts "Bombshell Tonight: The Infamous Jan. 2, 2021, Trump-Raffensperger Phone Call" and goes on to refute it's significance, which of course, the Star Chamber will not allow to be presented. From Breitbart, Schiff: ‘Far More Dangerous’ for Justice Department Not to Prosecute Trump. Everything out of his mouth is a lie, including the ands and buts. Natalia Mittelstadt at JTN has a timely Flashback: Dems sought to taint Trump 2016 win, change electors' pledged votes, "While House Democrats' Jan. 6 panel tries to stigmatize scrutiny of disputed 2020 election, key party figures used bogus Russia collusion allegations contrived at behest of Hillary Clinton campaign in bid to block transfer of power to Trump. Of course, if they had a properly constituted committee, this issue would be raised. Paul Gottfried at Am Great is upset by Mona’s Mendacious Moaning Over J6, "Why should we care about punishing a former president after looking at the scoundrel who replaced him?" Victor Davis Hanson at Am Great ruminates on Who Are the Real Insurrectionists?  and comes up with "In truth, “insurrection” has been fueled by the Left since 2015."

Insty, IT’S COME TO THIS. Also, at Newsweek, Expand the Supreme Court—By A Lot. Not necessarily the silliest idea.

And some DIY on the economy:

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and the Culture War:

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