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Biden Least Popular President in History

From the Wa Free Bee, For Second Straight Month, Biden Least Popular President in History, and he's earned every minute of it. The AP assures us Biden’s COVID symptoms improve; WH says he’s staying busyTim Young@TimRunsHisMouth, "Has there ever been an official statement that makes an American President sound weaker than the White House doctor saying Biden, 'cleaned his plate' and held it up to show him?" Stevie Isenberg at WaPoo, says Quit, Joe, Quit! Biden could save the midterms with a one-term pledge. It couldn't hurt. Nick Arama at Red State relates how Jill Biden Gets Heckled by Protester With the Perfect Line About Her Husband and Gas Prices “Your husband is the worst President we ever had, you owe us gas money.” I don't think it's so 'Perfect." Mike Miller at Red State observes how Country Music Superstar John Rich Blisters the 'Woke' With Patriotic #1 Hit, Takes out Biden in the Process. It's OK: 

Charles Cook wonders What Could Save Democrats From a Midterm Catastrophe? He seems to be betting on Donald Trump. Josh Hammer at Am Spec wonders How Did Democrats Become So Out of Touch With the American People? "Either they have no clue how bad their policies are or they just don’t care." I have my own idea on this. Given a choice between common sense, and the opposite, progressives instinctively chose the opposite. Now, common sense isn't perfect, but for the most part it works. 

PM reports Mike Pence to run for President in 2024: adviser. Politico whines ‘His life was threatened.’ But Pence isn't talking about it. "The former VP avoided the subject of Trump as they campaigned for opposing candidates in Arizona." At Da Mail, Pence takes swipe at Trump and says GOP 'will lose' if it 'allows itself to be consumed by yesterday's grievances' - while former president continues to insist 2020 election was stolen at rival event in same state of Arizona. I don't see the GOP becoming a Pence party. We don't need someone to lose magnanimously. 

At WJ, Hillary Clinton Tweets Subtle Message Shortly After Biden's COVID Diagnosis Is Announced. Wine-soaked, wrinkled but still available. SLAY has a poll that shows 69% of U.S Voters Do Not Want Hillary Clinton to Run for President Again . Speaking of unpleasant possibilities, Jazz Shaw at Haut Hair says Liz Cheney 2024? Not everyone is laughing, but most of them are. 

From Da Fed, Margot Cleveland explains that Fulton County DA’s J6-Style Crusade Against Lindsey Graham Is Unconstitutional, And Here’s Why.  "Article I, Section 6 of the Constitution provides that “for any Speech or Debate in either House, [members] shall not be questioned in any other Place.”" At PM, Pulitzer Prize-winning NY Times journalist admits Russian collusion story was a 'hoax.' "The Steele dossier and all the bogus allegations, credulously parroted in the mainstream media, that flowed from it," was an "elaborate hoax," Bret Stephens said, "there’s just no other word for it.""

From JTN, Ohio Supreme Court again rejects GOP-drawn congressional maps, "Ohio has 16 congressional seats, with Republicans currently holding 12 of them." Rule by priests in robes. Now do Maryland.
Primary elections have already concluded in Ohio along the lines of the now-rejected maps, so they will remain in place for the 2022 midterms in November, the outlet noted. The new maps, should they stand up to scrutiny, will apply to the 2024 election process.

AllahPundit at Haut Hair is pleased as punch that Murdoch papers slam Trump in editorials after January 6 hearing

On the one hand, it’s no surprise that two different editorial boards might have something critical to say about Trump following another damning hearing by Liz Cheney’s panel. On the other, standard practice in righty media with respect to the January 6 probe is to either slam the committee or to maintain strategic silence. The New York Post and Wall Street Journal departed from that practice even though they didn’t need to.

The way Melania used to be before Trump
At ET, Former First Lady Melania Trump Breaks Silence on Jan. 6  “On January 6, 2021, I was fulfilling one of my duties as First Lady of the United States of America, and accordingly, I was unaware of what was simultaneously transpiring at the U.S. Capitol Building,” Maybe she's not one of those people on Twitter constantly. Shockingly, Newsweek allows Jeremy Quin to opine Jan. 6 Followed Years of Political Violence. The Committee Should Investigate Leftist Violence, Too. Don Surber notes J6 witch hunt ratings dropped 21%, bad even by summer TV standards. NYT, cited by Haut Hair, whines In Jan. 6 hearings, gender divide has been strong undercurrent. If it's not about race, it's about sex. 

Anxious anxiously, Liz Cheney: Protecting U.S. democracy is bigger than keeping House seat. Well, you're almost sure to lose it. At Twitchy, Geraldo Rivera says ‘history will honor’ Rep. Liz Cheney (and people have thoughts). Geraldo is a living oxymoron. Twitchy, Jonathan Turley notes Rep. Liz Cheney’s use of the word ‘confessions’ in January 6 committee hearing Jonathan Turley@JonathanTurley, "As if to fulfill the criticism of a show trial, Cheney ended the hearing this week by calling for more officials to come forward and noting that Trump family members and former officials have already come forward with their own public “confessions.”" Derek Hunter at Red State, Democrats Really Suck At This Stuff, Liz Cheney, too. 

I forced myself to watch Thursday, I couldn’t force myself to care. I haven’t cared since about day 2. The lies of the left about January 6th are the bigger “threat to democracy” than a bunch of people taking selfies inside the rotunda that day.

The whole thing was bad dinner theater with a meal that gives you diarrhea.

A reminder from Da Mail,  Veteran who tried to assassinate NY gubernatorial candidate Lee Zeldin during campaign event is hit with federal assault charge one day after he was freed under state's lax bail laws. From Da Wire, New Details Emerge On Republican Congressman’s Alleged Attacker "The New York Post reported that Jakubonis’ mental state declined rapidly following the death of his wife and his medical discharge from the Army in 2012." Also drunk. From Fox, Lee Zeldin's attempted attacker told investigators he 'did not know' speaker's identity, "Rep. Lee Zeldin's alleged attacker also said he was drinking whiskey earlier in the day." Jazz Shaw says the  Stabber "did not know who Zeldin was", so why was he at his rally?

Right off the bat, claiming that you were drunk and don’t remember trying to stab someone doesn’t sound like a very good defense. Also, the entire affair was caught on video (as one might expect at a political rally), so there is no avenue for the defense to claim that he didn’t do it. I suppose it’s possible that the defense is planning to work on some sort of temporary insanity plea.

Of course, as much as I hate to say it, it’s not inconceivable that Jakubonis is telling the truth. Parts of his story seem to be supported by an interview I watched with the state senate candidate who organized the rally and was one of the people who rushed in to tackle the maniac. He said that he had seen Jakubonis arriving at the rally and immediately took notice of him because he “just didn’t look right.”

Meanwhile, There Have Been 76 Attacks on Churches and Pregnancy Centers, Not One Attacker Has Been Sent to Prison (Lifenews).

Is the Secret Service’s Claim About Erased Text Messages Plausible? I've worked for the government (sort of), and assure you that the assumption of stupidity rather than evil is always warranted. "Remarkably, CBS also reports that one of the ways that Secret Service personnel were told to back up their text messages was to take screen shots of them and upload these to a dedicated web site the agency had set up for this purpose."

Predictably, Bannon Preparing Appeal for Contempt Conviction. The man has money and loves a good fight. "I think the law is with us in a number of situations," Bannon said. "I think some of this is really going to be adjudicated — maybe even higher than the appellate courts. I'm feeling very confident that we're 100% right on the law, but I'm going to fight this all the way." Sundance at CTH has the video as Tucker Carlson Interviews Steve Bannon After His DC Court Political Conviction for Contempt of Congress.

Rick Moran at PJ Media hears the Biden Administration Bracing for a Tsunami of Bad Economic News Next Week

Consumer confidence numbers (which currently stink) hit on Tuesday. A Federal Reserve meeting and decision on interest rates, coupled with a press conference from Fed Chair Jerome Powell, follows up on Wednesday.

The first reading on second quarter economic growth drops on Thursday. And the latest numbers on our vexing run of historically high consumer price inflation close out the monster run of data on Friday. In a note to clients today, analysts at Deutsche Bank suggested the flood of information will “leave you breathless.”

ET reports About 45 Percent of Small US Businesses Are Freezing Hiring Amid Soaring Inflation, Labor Costs. From NYPo, a State Dept. official slammed for saying he prefers high gas prices, a Kinsley gaffe. Paul Driessen at WUWT worries that EPA plans on Banning Modern Agriculture and High Crop Yields?. It's that common sense thing.

And How about some DIY Culture War to cap off the week?

The way Victoria's Secret used to be before 
before they got woke.
Last year, I said Victoria's Secret was declaring bankruptcy by swapping its "Angels" for trans models and hoo boy do I feel prophetic right now - Not the Bee

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