Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Bad Luck Biden, Colbert Crew Skates, Inflation Eats Rescue Checks, Gas Dips on Recession Fears, Cavewomen 'Misgendered'

Stacy McCain reacts to Jill Biden's comment that Joe had such high hopes, dashed by bad things happening, Biden Just Had Such Bad Luck, Y’all. "As usual, Ace of Spades had the best headline for this: “Doctor” Jill Biden: Joe Biden Had Such Wonderful Plans For the Presidency He Usurped But Darnit, The Actual Task of Governing Keeps Getting In The Way!"

The things that have been “thrown at” Joe Biden are mostly the direct consequences of his own bungling and bad policy choices, not to mention the fact that the Democratic majority in Congress is controlled by its most extreme fringe, so that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer keep stumbling over themselves in a futile effort to appease AOC and her “Squad.”

Just how 'unlucky' is Joe Biden? Morning Consult says  Biden Plumbs New Depths: Net Approval Rating Now Underwater in 44 States, "Trump was more popular than Biden at a similar point last midterm cycle." A CNN Poll: Most Americans are discontented with Biden, the economy and the state of the country. Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, It's the stupid economy, stupid: Biden's econ approval crashes to new low in yet another poll. Breitbart, Poll: Joe Biden’s Approval Rating Remains at 30 Percent for 19th Consecutive Day. Sundance at CTH notices Furrowed Brows Deepen as Jake Tapper Accepts Results of Latest CNN Poll About Joe Biden. But John Sexton at Haut Hair finds Perry Bacon at WaPoo opining  The media needs to be nicer to Joe Biden. I guess he didn't get the memo. 

Even AllahPundit at Haut Hair gets on the bandwagon, Fed-up progressives threaten to primary Biden in 2024. At Twitchy, Stephen Colbert mocks Biden’s age during his meeting with Mohammed bin Salman, changes his tune on gas prices. Byron York at Front Page notices NYT ditching him, Sounding the Alarm Over Joe Biden "When you've lost the New York Times..." Capt. Ed cites Clinton/Obama advisor: Biden's too old to run for another term, also NYT: Who we gonna believe, the Saudis or the serial fabulist?  Neither? In That’s Enough, Scott McKay at Am Spec speculates "If it gets worse than this, Americans should have a real concern Biden might inadvertently start a war."  At the Pipeline Michael Walsh,  'End of Quote. Repeat the Line' "The empty suit and the empty head that currently masquerade as the president of the United States is now subject to the one thing he never was during his undistinguished, comically malevolent, supererogatory, opportunistic career in the Senate: scrutiny." Althouse, "As Biden eyes 2024, one person weighs heavily: Trump." "That's a headline at WaPo for a piece by Matt Viser. Subheadline: "Biden’s associates say he will feel compelled to run if Trump does. If that rematch materializes, Biden said recently, ‘I would not be disappointed.'" The Peacock, Harris, Newsom engage with donors as possible 2024 bids loom if Biden doesn’t run.

I think he's happy, AllahPundit, Florida poll: DeSantis 61, Trump 39. I'm OK with it. From Don McLaughlan at NR, Ron DeSantis’s First Commander-in-Chief Test. I'd read it but its paywalled. A bit cited at Haut Hair basically argues he needs to thread a needle not to piss off Trump voters, but not be overtly pro-Trump. So far I think he succeeding. Front Page has the Video: DeSantis ROASTS Newsom, "Exposing "progressive" hypocrisy at its worst." At Da Caller, Florida First Lady Casey DeSantis Appears To Fire Back At Gov. Newsom Over Special Olympics Comment. But at Breitbart, Newsom Tells White House He Won’t Run in 2024, until he sees a way open.

AllahPundit catches Ohio Dem Senate candidate Tim Ryan saying Look, I'm basically a MAGA Republican now. Shows you where he thinks the zone is. Yahoo! touts Democrats for Murkowski: Alaska Republican counts her fans across the aisle. AllahPundit sees an Arizona showdown: Trump and MAGA versus Pence and the GOP establishment. I'll bet he has nightmares about Trump under his bed. At Mediaite, Megyn Kelly Spars with Trump-Endorsed AZ Gov. Candidate Kari Lake Over 2020 Election Fraud. Sarah Arnold at Town Hall sees a Close Penn. Senate Race Despite Key Differences, Oz vs. Fetterman. That's why they call 'em swing states. Aaron Kleigmann at JTN, Hispanic Republicans take center stage as Democrat gaffes continue, "Polling shows historic shift among Hispanics toward GOP." But Thad McCotter worries, November 2022: 'Dewey Defeats Truman' Redux?. Never doubt the Republicans penchant to screw themselves. 

Ace, Realignment: America's Political Parties Are Now Class Based, "The wealthy white ultraprogressive ultra-Democrat-Partisan media finally starts to notice that the Democrat Party has become just a bunch of wealthy white ultraprogressives." NR has an interesting hypothesis, How the 2012 Election Deranged America, "While weak in the center, Obama rolled up colossal margins at the edges: 93 to 6 among black voters (96 to 3 among black women), 76 to 22 among LGBT voters, 73 to 26 among Asians, 71 to 27 among Hispanics, 67 to 31 among unmarried women, and 63 to 31 among nonreligious whites."

At Da Wire, Pennsylvania Bans ‘Zuck Bucks’ As Midterm Elections Approach. 'Adam Mill' at Am Great, Court Holds Illegal Ballot Drop Boxes Tainted 2020 Election, "Moving on does not mean Americans should forget the lessons of the 2020 election." 

Electoral outcomes obtained by unlawful procedures corrupt the institution of voting, degrading the very foundation of free government. Unlawful votes do not dilute lawful votes so much as they pollute them, which in turn pollutes the integrity of the results.

As Dan Chaitin at WaEx reports Federal prosecutors drop charges against Colbert team members arrested at Capitol " "The Office would be required to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that these invited guests were guilty of the crime of unlawful entry because their escort chose to leave them unattended. We do not believe it is probable that the Office would be able to obtain and sustain convictions on these charges." Of course, many of the arrested and charged Capitol 'rioters' walked past welcoming Kap Kops as well. At Gateway Pundit, Biden-Appointed US Attorney Who Dropped Charges on Colbert’s Crew is Also Prosecutor Investigating January 6. Andrea Widburg at Am Think think Stephen Colbert's staff gets the white glove treatment from the DOJ. It's also true no DC jury would vote to convict the Colbert crowd.

At WaPoo, Committee has ‘filled in the blanks’ on Trump’s Jan. 6 activities, Kinzinger says. “We have filled in the blanks,” Kinzinger said on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday. Trump “didn’t do very much but gleefully watch television during this time frame.” ET, Stefanik Criticizes Jan. 6 Committee for Keeping Pelosi ‘Off-Limits’ From Probe. Wait until after the midterms. At Am Great, the redoubtable Julie Kelly reports Justice Department Designates Obstruction as an Act of Terror, "In yet another example of the double-standard of justice from this vengeful regime, Trump supporters are trapped in a legal circle of hell in the nation’s capital."

Nestler and his boss, U.S. Attorney for the District of Columbia Matthew Graves, are seeking a 15-year prison sentence based in part on a terrorism enhancement provision in federal sentencing guidelines. And the alleged crime of terrorism? The vague “obstruction of an official proceeding” felony is a post-Enron law intended to prevent evidence tampering that has been bastardized by Biden’s Justice Department to criminalize political protest in America.

Gary Anderson at Am Spec speculates,  A Trump Conviction? Be Careful What You Wish for, Democrats, "The Democrats’ ultimate January 6th committee goal will clinch their defeat in 2024"

Front Page hosts a Tucker Video: The Media's Ray Epps Coverup

From Mary Chastain at LI, NYPD Searching for Three Women Accused of Beating a Grandma While Shouting Anti-White Statements "“Before they hit me, the girl with the green hair said, ‘You probably like Trump! Don’t you?’” I'm sure Eric Adam's NYPD will knock themselves out looking.

As I&I reports, Inflation Has Now Devoured All Biden’s COVID ‘Rescue’ Checks. 'Free' money isn't. Capt. Ed watches CNN: "Vulnerable Democrats" suddenly very concerned over "inflation crisis" and John Sexton notes CNN Poll: Biden at 30% on handling of the economy and still losing minority support. Breitbart has a Poll: Joe Biden’s Economic Approval Rating Crashes to ‘New Low.’  Wa Free Bee claims Bidenflation Threatens Almost Half of Small Business Owners. WaT reports ‘Bidenvilles’ popping up across America, not the good kind. At Breitbart Business Digest: Homebuilder Sentiment, Apple Report Send Shudders Through Economy. Sundance, Homebuilder Confidence Survey Records Largest Drop in History Sans Pandemic. At NYPo, Bread causing $10-per-loaf sticker shock as inflation surges. But it's classy bread, not wonder bread. Max Keating at Da Caller, The Fed Isn’t Doing Enough To Rein In Inflation, Economists Say: ‘Laughably Behind The Curve’. Chris Jacobs at Da Fed warns on How Chuck Schumer Could Ram Through Democrats’ Inflation-Rocketing Build Back Bankrupt

Capt. Ed notes Biden saying Gas prices went down 50 cents. You're welcome. As I understand it, it's the threat (really the reality) of a recession causing gas prices to dip. Thanks, Brandon. Sundance, White House Economic Advisor Jared Bernstein Reacts to Putin’s Gasoline Price Plunge. If it's fair to blame him for the rise. . . Disclose TV, Oil spikes to $100 per barrel as Biden fails to win Saudi pledge to boost output. At Da Caller, ‘Pretty Shameful’: Biden Admin Has Sold Nearly 6 Million Barrels Of Strategic Oil Reserves To China. WSJ, California Power Problems Hit Texas, "Another state where unreliable renewable energy leads to power outages." Wind and solar power subsidies work their dark magic. 

At Da Wire, Woke Scholars Call For Anthropologists To Stop Classifying Human Remains By Gender And Race, "This information is vital to criminal investigations and understanding ancient civilizations." This pisses me off. First they argued for a divorce of "sex" and "gender" so a biological man could claim to be a woman (for example), now they want to get rid of the biological designation. From Da Caller, Trans Biden Official Wants To ‘Empower’ Kids To Get Sex Changes. Child abuse sanctioned by the Feds. Hollywood in Toto thinks Woke Is Just Part of the Problem Plaguing the MCU Now, "Phase 4 films like 'Love and Thunder,' 'Eternals' losing audiences, critics alike." At Spectator World, Nervous media warns the wokesters, "They’ve seen the polls and know disaster is coming"

From Behind the Black, Pushback: PA school board settles lawsuit and will pay $300K for censoring critics, with a great video. Guy Benson at Town Hall sees that Randi Weingarten's Teachers Union Commissioned a Poll on Education. She Won't Like the Results. Corey A. DeAngelis@DeAngelisCorey "NEW POLL for Randi Weingarten’s teachers union: "In general, do you have more confidence in the Democrats or in the Republicans to deal with education issues?" Democrats: 38% Republicans: 39% Same: 9% Neither: 14%. John Sexton hears from a Progressive public school teacher in a blue state: Things are as bad as you've heard
He concludes that the left has accidentally stumbled into a set of beliefs so crazy that to describe them accurately sounds like something made up, only they aren’t made up. He concludes, “I can’t keep pretending these ridiculous DEI schemes aren’t hurting the children we owe so much to. They are. It’s happening, right now.”

A pretty good summary of "progressive" beliefs in general. 

Fox, Conservatives, journalists criticize NPR's new 'disinformation reporting team,' recall Hunter Biden dismissal, "Many pointed to NPR's initial dismissal of the Hunter Biden laptop story." At The Center Square, Taxpayer-funded NPR’s ‘Disinformation Team’ faces backlash. Just political activism under a new hat. Althouse, "An epidemic of Spanish-language right-wing disinformation that spiked around the 2020 election on social media platforms, and in some big-city AM radio stations, is revving up again...". You mean, like NPR? 

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