Saturday, July 30, 2022

Biden Too Old to Support

Grim news for AllahPundit at Haut Hair indeed, Grim milestone: Biden has worst job approval at this stage of any modern elected president. At CNS News, WH Press Secretary ‘Not Worried About Poll’ Showing 75% of Democrats Want Party to Nominate Someone Other Than Biden. Capt. Ed (also Haut Hair) finds a House Dem: I won't support a too-old Biden in 2024, Dan Phillips (MN-03). But there's always Politico, Wait, Is Biden a Better President Than People Thought?  No, He is not. AllahPundit whines about Dems who support Roe: Eh, we might not vote this fall. "This new WaPo poll is circumstantial evidence for the “paper tiger” theory. If there were a ferocious backlash to Dobbs brewing, pro-choicers should be a little more amped to vote than they are, no?"

From Breitbart, ‘I’ve Never Spoken to My Son About His Overseas Business Dealings’: 17 Times Joe Biden Got Involved in the Family Business. Matt Vespa at Town Hall thinks There's a Serious Problem With the DOJ Investigation Into Hunter Biden. "Delaware's US Attorney's Office isn't big enough to handle the investigation." As Ace notes, The Honest Straight-Shooters at the FBI Not Only Improperly Closed the Hunter Biden Laptop Case Without Cause, They Then Deliberately Buried Information In Hidden Sub-Folders So That No Other Analysts Could Find It. "Margot Cleveland at The Federalist writes that this is worse than we initially thought." Also, Lee Smith: The Washington Post and New York Times Only Admitted that Hunter Biden's Laptop Had Been "Partially" Verified In Order to Discredit The Bombshells They Feared Were Coming, "Girls. Young girls." John Solomon at JTN reports a DOJ official named in FBI politicization allegations played role in Lois Lerner IRS scandal, "Richard Pilger pushed idea of criminal prosecution of Tea Party groups' political speech, congressional evidence shows." It's a small, dirty world at the top of the DOJ. Capt. Ed, Barr to Garland: Time for a special counsel to investigate Hunter Biden -- and maybe Joe. Long past time. In my world, each President would come with his own special counsel, dedicated to finding dirt on the new guy. At least it would be honest and fair to both sides.

At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.29.22 Da Tech Guy makes The Best Argument For Trump I’ve Ever Heard (an 18 minute video),  American Power, They Can’t Let Him Back In and Transterrestrial Musings muses about Another Trump Presidency and Das Lid, For Party’s Sake, Trump Must Wait Until After Midterms To Declare Intentions.

At Politico, 'Alarm bell': Oz’s struggles have GOP pitching alternate path to Senate takeover "The path to capturing the Senate, as it was laid out privately by NRSC officials in one of the calls, includes holding Ohio, North Carolina and Wisconsin’s seats, flipping Nevada, and then ousting Democrats in either Georgia, Arizona or both states, according to a source who heard the pitch." Basically, drawing an inside straight. At Wa Free Bee, his opponent, Dem Senate Candidate Would Worsen Pennsylvania’s Crime Spike, Sheriffs Fear, "John Fetterman supports drug legalization, shortening prison sentences for murder." Paul Bedard at WaEx observes Trump Four in Arizona all leading: Lake, Masters, Finchem, Hamadeh. In the primary. The key is beating Kelly in November. Stacy Lennox at PJ Media on Why Wealthy Coastal Elites Should Mind Their Own Business, with special reference to Stacy Abrams 

At the Slantic, How Six States Could Overturn the 2024 Election, "The Supreme Court may let state legislatures decide the presidency." You mean, following the constitution?  Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.29.22 Shawn Fleetwood at Da Fed, Youngkin-Era Law Forces Election Integrity Group To Take Down Its List Of Virginia Voter Rolls. Sundance at CTH observes U.S. Postal Service Opens Permanent Political Division, Dedicated to the Delivery and Return of Mail-in Election Ballots, DNC Lawyer Mark Elias is Very Happy. I don't trust my post office. Do you trust yours? In Wisconsin at the Journal Times, DOJ investigating illegal absentee ballot requests in Racine County.

A conservative activist typically focused on government transparency, Harry Wait, who lives in the Town of Dover, has publicly admitted to multiple journalists and elected officials that he used early Wednesday morning to illegally request the absentee ballots of two prominent elected officials, Racine Mayor Cory Mason and Assembly Speaker Robin Vos, to prove he could without needing to provide voter ID.

John Sexton at Haut Hair reports on a Russian indicted for influence over socialist activists in Florida. They knew he was working for Russia, and just didn't care.

At TNP, Jan 6th Committee Producer Posted About Assaulting Trump Supporters With a Car, As AntiFa Rioted Through D.C.  Ed Brodow at Front Page discourses on Pelosi’s January 6th Committee and the Death of American Justice. AllahPundit is still spinning conspiracy theories about missing texts at the Secret Service, Turns out it's not just the Secret Service's text messages from January 6 that have gone missing. At the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.29.22  Tristan Justice at Da Fed calls it A ‘Farce’: Here’s What Wyoming Voters Really Think Of Liz Cheney And Her Sham J6 Committee.

At the Wa Free Bee, Kavanaugh’s Would-Be Killer Googled ‘Quietest Semi Auto Rifle’ and ‘Most Effective Place To Stab Someone.’ From Da Wire, DOJ Tells Congress It Hasn’t Prosecuted Anyone For SCOTUS Protests, But Is Still Going After Parents. Who is more of a threat to Democrats? 

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