Monday, July 25, 2022

I Hate It When That Happens

A Sailfish, but not with Katherine Perkins
 At Da Mail, Maryland woman, 73, is impaled in the groin by a 100-pound SAILFISH that leapt out of the ocean at her while she was fishing off the coast of Florida

A 73-year-old woman was stabbed by a 100-pound sailfish while fishing with some friends off the Florida coast.

The fish impaled Katherine Perkins, of Arnold, Maryland, in the groin area with its pointed bill on Tuesday while she was standing in the boat as two companions tried to bring it in on a fishing line.

Her friends immediately applied pressure to her wound and called 911 as they headed towards shore, where she was then flown to nearby HCA Florida Lawnwood Hospital for treatment.

While her current condition remains unknown, Perkins was said to be in the hospital recovering on Thursday.

I see a few videos on YouTube or Facebook where a billfish of some kind leaps into the boat, and just misses people, but this must be pretty rare. 

I hope she recovers fully.

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