Friday, July 22, 2022

Oregon, My Oregon

 Ace, Lesbian Bar Shuts Down After a Week, Due to Staff and Patrons Complaining It's Not "Woke" Enough

The staff also pulled the exact same move that doomed the Mina's World coffee shop -- after the bar was in operation for mere days, they simply demanded the owners turn over ownership of the bar to the "workers" who had been "working" there for mere hours.

And then the bar had to shut down. Because a lot of the patrons agreed and apparently the woke owners also were conflicted about whether or not they had to turn over ownership of their bar to "workers" -- strangers -- they had just met and hired days ago.

Doc Marie's, the lesbian bar in question, just opened in Portland, Oregon. That was their first mistake. . . .

Let Matt Walsh tell the rest of the story:

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