Friday, July 22, 2022

Brandon Gets WuFlu, Rep. Lee Zeldin Attacked

As soon as I got home yesterday, Georgia informed me, Breaking: Biden has COVID (AllahPundit at Haut Hair) "Today even atheists will join in the prayers for Joe Biden’s good health, to spare us the prospect of — deep breath — President Kamala Harris." Sundance at CTH notes Double Vaxxed, Double Boosted Joe Biden Has COVID-19 Again, Will Work in Isolation "Suspicious Cat remains, well, suspicious…" Ace, Breaking: Joe Biden Tests Positive For World's First Case of "Dumb Covid," "Doctors believe he got it from oil on his windshield " and Trump Wishes Biden a Speedy Recovery (Really) Update: That Time Brian Stelter "Reported" On Trump's Covid Bout, and Failed to Challenge a Guest Who Likened It to the "Death Watch" of Stalin's Last Days. Really, there's no fun in this if you can't speculate what it means. Stephen Kruiser at PJ Media, On Cue, Biden Gets the COVID Pre-Election Panic Ball Rolling. "The buzz around conservative circles for weeks has been about just when and how the Democrats would start ramping up the COVID panic porn in order to lay the groundwork for a sequel to 2020’s election “irregularities.”" At Twitchy, Speculations about a Biden replacement as POTUS ails from cancer, no covid – and the nominees are… and Yamiche Alcindor explains how Donald Trump having COVID is totally different from Joe Biden having COVID [video]. Who?

It's too early to know if his brushes with cancer and WuFlu will lead to a sympathy bump in his polling, which continues to, well, suck. De Moines Register, Iowa Poll: Most think Joe Biden should not run again in 2024 as approval rating falls. At Da Caller, Biden’s Approval Rating Among Hispanics Scrapes The Bottom Of The Barrel. And from Da Wire, Most Americans, Even A Majority Of Democrats, Don’t Want Biden To Run in 2024: Poll. Ellie Gardey at Am Spec on The ‘Massive Conspiracy’ Hiding Biden’s Mental Decline, "The media willfully refused to entertain the possibility and suppressed dissent." Tim Graham takes on the belief that The Media Secretly Hated Biden All This Time? "It's bizarre to argue the media is currently whipsawing Biden in an attempt to "balance" anti-Trump coverage from 2017-2020. We're still overwhelmed by the daily onslaught of anti-Trump coverage from 2021-2022." At Am Great, Victor Davis Hanson writes The Left Should Be Happy with Biden, "Since when has changing an inept messenger ever changed a disastrous message?" Insty, ON THE ONE HAND, THIS IS ENTIRELY TRUE. 

On the other hand, NeverTrump Republicans, heavily represented at National Review, told us that this geriatric incompetent was indisputably a better choice than Trump, who was neither geriatric nor incompetent. What’s more, this was a view rooted largely in aesthetics, class loyalty, and self-importance. Everything that has gone wrong in the Biden era was predictable, and in fact was predicted, by those not blinded by Trump-hatred.

Even CNN whines Voters of color are backing the GOP at historic levels.  Capt. Ed at Haut Hair issues a  Red wave alert: AARP generic battleground poll shows GOP up 4 -- and up 9 among 50+ demo. At Da Wire, GOP Senator: Midterms Will Be ‘Bloodbath’ For Democrats (Rick Scott, FL).  At Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, the brain-damaged  John Fetterman, in first interview since stroke, talks recovery and return to U.S. Senate campaign trail, “I might miss a word every now and then in a conversation." At LI, Mike LaChance thinks Dems Boosted Trump-Backed Republican Doug Mastriano for PA Governor and Now He Could Win, “Honestly, I feel this is Mastriano’s campaign to lose.”

Stacy McCain holds out hope for Cox in Maryland;  Despite the Media’s Deranged Obsession, Not Everything Is About Trump

We’ve got about 16 weeks to go until the November mid-terms, and we’ll just have to wait and see what happens then. If, as I expect, Republicans score a “red wave” landslide coast-to-coast, we can expect to see GOP candidates like Cox and Parrott win races that, on paper, may not seem very winnable. And if the “red wave” happens, I would dare hope it will cause the media to belatedly realize their Trump obsession wasn’t really helpful to Democrats. November 8 can’t come soon enough.

Breitbart sees a Proxy War: Establishment Tries to Take on Trump Again, This Time in Arizona. At Town Hall, Larry O'Connor wonders Democrats Say They Hate Trump... So Why Do They Keep Empowering Him? Why do people pick scabs? 

Via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.21.22, Dex Bahr at American Thinker considers Trump or DeSantis: Who Is the Man for the Times?. He likes DeSantis, but thinks it's Trump. Michael Barone at WaEx says, Sure, Ron DeSantis could beat Donald Trump in 2024. CNN, GOP begins to look for new 2024 candidates amid fears over Trump.

Wooden stake, garlic, burn and scatter the ashes, VodkaPundit at PJ Media, Former Clinton Advisor Has a Terrifying Prediction About Hillary. PJ Watson at Summit News, Former Clinton Advisor Says Hillary is Preparing to Run Again in 2024.

A half-ass apology from NYT's Bret Stephens, cited at Haut Hair, I was wrong about Trump voters. Althouse reads it, "The worst line I ever wrote as a pundit... was... 'If by now you don’t find Donald Trump appalling, you’re appalling.'"

Says Bret Stephens — in "I Was Wrong About Trump Voters" (NYT) — about the first thing he ever wrote about Trump. That was in August 2015, and he went on to write "dozens of columns denouncing Trump as a unique threat to American life, democratic ideals and the world itself."

He now regrets attacking the Trump voters. Because it wasn't effective?

Jordan Boyd at Da Fed thinks NYT’s Bret Stephens Becomes First Corporate Media Figure To Acknowledge Russian Collusion Was A ‘Hoax’, but not graciously. “To this day, precious few anti-Trumpers have been honest with themselves about the elaborate hoax — there’s just no other word for it — that was the Steele dossier and all the bogus allegations, credulously parroted in the mainstream media, that flowed from it,” Stephens wrote." Paul Sperry at RCI, Here Are the Senior Biden Officials Entangled in Durham's Criminal Russiagate Probe. Margot Cleveland at Da Fed, Judge In Stefan Halper Case Drops SpyGate Bombshell: Halper Likely Lied To The FBI On Purpose. The bombshell is that a judge acknowledged it, not that it happened. And, Justice Won’t Be Served In SpyGate Without John Durham Investigating More Confidential Human Sources

Leah Barkoukis at Town Hall reports Man Tries to Stab Lee Zeldin During Campaign Event. At Breitbart, New York Gov. Kathy Hochul Directed Supporters to Zeldin Campaign Event Hours Before Failed Attack. Zeldin is running against her. Arthur Schwartz@ArthurSchwartz, "You sent your supporters after him. And they came." And almost predictably, as Leah Barkoukis reports again, 
Zeldin Was Right About What Would Happen To Man Who Attacked Him During Campaign Event, released without bail. "According to the Monroe County Sheriff's Office, "Jakubonis was arraigned in Perinton Town Court and released on his own recognizance."  But there aren't two systems of justice, amIright?

The NewNeo, Our two-tiered system of justice: the release of the Colbert Nine. 'Bonchie' at Red State details how Capitol Police Release Damning Facts, Slam DOJ Decision to Not Charge the 'Colbert Nine'. John Solomon at JTN, Colbert crew's behavior in Capitol complex caused Democrat staffer to call for emergency help, "Capitol Police chief says "Colbert Nine" were warned "several times" before arrest, slams prosecutors' decision not to press charges as "unfortunate." Ben Whedon at JTN, Video shows Colbert crew antics in House office building before arrest, "Federal prosecutors ultimately declined to press charges against the "Colbert Nine." Andrea Widburg at Am Think claims The Capitol Police rebel against the DOJ's failure to prosecute the 'Colbert Nine.'  At Am Great, the redoubtable Julie Kelly demands the Kap Kops and DOJ Release the ‘Colbert Nine’ Records, "Matthew Graves may get away with refusing to bring criminal accountability to Stephen Colbert’s crew, but House Republicans can bring some measure of public accountability. Roll the tape." At Red State, WATCH: Gun Control Activist David Hogg Interrupts House Hearing and Gets Kicked Out. Lock him up for a year before trial. 

At Da Caller, The House of Representatives Spent Nearly $100,000 On Meditation App Memberships In Wake Of Jan. 6. Ace, Brave Firefighter/ "Journalist" Experiences Waves of Panic At Sight of a Couple of Grandmothers Toting American Flags, "Patricia Zengerle is a "journalist" who "reports" on Congress for Reuters"

It has been my claim for some time that the AWFLs and their feminized male cohorts are mentally ill -- having experienced a nervous breakdown they never sought treatment for in 2015-2016, and currently suffering from crippling anxiety, depression, and obsessive-compulsive behaviors.

AllahPundit overjoyed as  House Republicans cheer Pence, thank him for "defending our Constitution" on January 6 and also, The Senate bill to prevent the next Capitol riot is finally here. AllahPundit also doubles down on his Secret Service conspiracy theory, Wait, the IG is part of the Secret Service's "deleted January 6 texts" cover-up?. The Peacock finds that In a Harvard study of Jan. 6 rioters, top motivation is clear: Trump,  "The study, which was shared with NBC News ahead of its publication, logged and analyzed the motives of 417 Capitol rioters, all of whom have been charged in relation to Jan. 6." I trust Harvard even less than NBC. 

WaPoo is all J6 all the time.  Even a day after Jan. 6, Trump balked at condemning the violence. Newsweek, Donald Trump's 187 Minutes of Inaction To Be Key Focus of Jan. 6 Hearing. More, ‘I don’t want to say the election’s over,’ Trump said in video one day after attackIt’s not only what Trump didn’t do on Jan. 6. It’s also what he did do, Frantic Secret Service radio traffic reveals how close Pence came to danger, Hawley’s effort to reap political rewards from Jan. 6 scampers off. At Rolling Stone, Exclusive: Jan. 6 Committee Plans to Humiliate MAGA Lawmakers Who Cowered During Capitol Attack, "Pro-Trump lawmakers have spent much of the past 17 months claiming the Jan. 6 carnage was overstated. The committee plans to show how they behaved while under siege." CNN whines about a CNN Poll: Americans' confidence in elections has faded since January 6. You don't think it had anything to do with Democrats election shenanigans?

Nick Arama at Red State explains why he thinks the Jan. 6 Committee Just Keeps Digging That Hole Deeper With Latest Testimony
But the testimony of the “witnesses” they had on Thursday revealed just how empty their quiver is. Once again, they played this “let’s push hearsay about what the Secret Service agents said” game. Rep. Elaine Luria claimed they had two people who heard things from the Secret Service agents about Trump being upset in the car about a “confrontation,” but then what she claimed wasn’t even that.
She described the first witness as “a former White House employee with national security responsibilities” who spoke to Deputy Chief of Staff Anthony Ornato and Trump’s lead Secret Service agent, Robert Engel.

“This employee told us that Mr. Ornato said that the president was ‘irate’ when Mr. Engel refused to drive him to the Capitol,” Luria said. “Mr. Engel did not refute what Mr. Ornato said.”
Then there was Sgt. Mark Robinson of the D.C. Metro Police Department.

Robinson said that one of the Secret Service agents in the car told him there was a “heated discussion” with Trump about going to the Capitol. Is that it?

In other words, the Committee was pushing more hearsay, yet all they now have from the hearsay was that Trump was upset or had a “heated discussion.” What happened to that supposed grabbing of the wheel or lunging at the Secret Service agent? There was no corroboration of those super human feats from 74-year-old Trump. No one had ever contested that Trump was upset. We knew that already. So? What does that prove–other than nothing? It’s sort of hilarious that they are so grasping at straws that now, all they seem to have is “heated discussion,”and they’re trying to make something out of that.

But you notice what else is missing here? Any testimony from the folks who were in the car — the agent and the driver who were there. Why? Because they reportedly disputed Hutchinson’s claims. Why aren’t we seeing them being called back and their testimony in public? Because they would kill the whole story? Luria claimed that they were being called. I’ll believe it when I see it. And if they were, and they blew a hole in the Hutchinson claims, the Committee would claim they corroborated her testimony if they acknowledged there was a “heated discussion.” The Committee members are such hacks.

Breitbart reports Liz Cheney Claims Her Obsession with Fighting Donald Trump Is Not Political. I believe her. It's personal. He dissed her daddy. I'll be happy to see her consigned to be a CNN+ analyst.

WaPoo, Steve Bannon trial closing arguments set for Friday "After vowing to go ‘medieval,’ the former Trump adviser called no defense witnesses. . . . Bannon’s legal team argued they should have been allowed to call the chairman of the Jan. 6 committee, Rep. Bennie G. Thompson (D-Miss.), but U.S. District Court Judge Carl J. Nichols didn’t allow it." Althouse, "The defendant decided he was above the law, and he didn’t have to follow the government’s orders like his fellow citizens. So this whole case is about a guy who just refused to show up? Yes, it is that simple." "Assistant U.S. Attorney Amanda Vaughn argued to the jury, quoted in "Prosecutor: Steve Bannon thumbed his nose at the law/Outside court, the defendant denounced the House Jan. 6 committee and the case against him" (WaPo)."

At Da Blaze, Arrest of House Dems takes new turn, AOC admits far-left group asked lawmakers 'to submit themselves for arrest'. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) forcefully denied Wednesday that her arrest outside the Supreme Court on Tuesday was "performative art. But information on social media suggests the incident was not organic — but completely staged."

John Sexton at Haut Hair reports Patriot Prayer leader Joey Gibson acquitted of rioting in 2019, says he'll sue the DA for discriminatory prosecution

Here’s a local news report on the acquittal. As you’ll see, Judge Souede actually said, “I am somewhat bewildered that the state has driven this case to this point.” Stick around to the end of this report for a law professor contacted by KOIN6 who seemed to agree this case could raise the appearance that the DA was not applying the law equally to all potential defendants. In other words, Joey Gibson may have a case here.

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