Friday, July 29, 2022

Manchin Caves, Recession Arrives

Just coincidentally. Ace hears Joe Manchin Agrees to Tax Hikes, Spending Increases, Green New Deal Agenda Items, "Joe Manchin announced he reached an "expansive" deal with Chuck Schumer on Build Back Brandon." Breitbart, Chuck Schumer, Joe Manchin Strike Deal on Obamacare, Climate Change Bill. NYPo calls it Biden’s plan to boost inflation. Proving her ignorance, Sen. Warren says ‘I Believe the Biden Administration Will Have Brought Down the National Debt’. Will Sinema sink it? Plotico worries about Silent Sinema stresses Dems as they race to pass Manchin-blessed deal. At HuffPoo, Susan Collins: Democrats’ Climate Deal May Doom Bipartisan Efforts On Same-Sex Marriage, "The GOP senator said the surprise move by Democrats could make it harder to convince fellow Republicans to get on board."

The Peacock tries to avoid the obvious, GDP fell 0.9% in the second quarter, the second straight decline and a strong recession signal. Ace, GDP Contracts by 0.9%, The Second Quarter in a Row, as America Enters a Funcession LEFTWING MONOPOLY FACEBOOK BEGINS CENSORING STATEMENTS THAT BIDEN HAS CHANGED THE DEFINITION OF A RECESSION. From Fox, WaPo, NY Times, CNN, Associated Press and more frame second quarter GDP numbers as fueling 'recession fears', "The U.S. economy entered a technical recession on Thursday after GDP shrank for a second straight quarter."  The Center Square, Recession? GDP shows 2nd consecutive quarter of negative growth. Sundance at CTH calls it, FUBAR, Second Quarter GDP Contracts 0.9%, The U.S. Economy is Officially in Recession and  Pretending Continues, However El Erian Admits U.S. Economy Weakening Faster Than Expected. At the The Blaze,  The GDP numbers are out: The Great Reset-sion, "We are unofficially in a recession, based on today’s -0.9% GDP reading." Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Welcome to the "sentiment recession": Q2 GDP -0.9%. Athena Thorne at PJ Media, Another Telltale Sign That the Recession Has Arrived.

A collection via the Wombat's In The Mailbox: 07.28.22: Da Tech Guy:  Answer: The Results were always “Unexpected” by the Media/Elites, First Street Journal, Recession! The Biden Administration won’t admit it, but people know it, STUMP: On recessions: definitions, Humpty Dumpty, and out-sourcing decision-making and The Federalist, The Dems’ New Proposal Does Nothing To Lower Inflation and Don Surber: The Biden depression.

Stacy McCain, Magical Thinking as Economic Policy  "Joe Biden evidently believes that recession can be avoided by pretending there is no recession, and that inflationary spending proposals can be enacted by dubbing them “The Inflation Reduction Act.”"  Capt. Ed at Haut Hair, Incredible! KJP insists that GDP report shows "we're in a transition" "True enough … but from what and to what?" Also, Biden goes full Chip Diller: Economy "on the right path."  At the Center Square, Biden denies recession after GDP decline, but economists say otherwise. Washington Business Journal, Pacific Research Institute fellow: 'Whether a recession is ultimately declared or not, this is a very difficult economy for too many families'. David Harsanyi, Call It Whatever You Want, The Economy Sucks. Insty, at his gig at NYPo, Team Biden’s refusal to admit we’re in a recession is just another reason Americans don’t trust our institutions

Capt. Ed, BREAKING: Fed gauge on inflation hits 40-year high. The Business Insider, The Federal Reserve just moved to make your credit cards, mortgages, and car loans more expensive in hopes you'll spend less and help cool inflation. Well yes, that's how Reagan/Volker broke inflation last time. At Am Think, Monty Pelerin thinks (sarcastically) that The Church of the Federal Reserve is Here to Save Us. "The Federal Reserve is a fraud and has been from its inception. Its creation was via dubious means in 1913. That year was arguably the worst in U.S. history for freedom lovers -- 1913 was during the “Progressive Era” and also saw the passage of a permanent income tax."

On the Summit, Videos: Biden Energy Secretary Admits Being “Obsessed” With Green Transition, "It’s not a recession, it’s a “transition.” Speaking of transitions HE catches the World Economic Forum Saying It Is 'Time to Look Beyond' Private Vehicle Ownership

Election BS:

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Jan 6 and Other Political Violence

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