Monday, July 11, 2022

I'm Back!

An early start this morning to get us to "Mike's Rocks" on Hoopers Island at sunrise. Fish were biting here, and in fact, we caught most of our limit of stripers on top water plugs here.
We stopped at several familiar sites on our trip. Here, a ruined radio tower on Adams Island, a former Navy site, and currently the home of many Brown Pelicans.
Another familiar site, the sinking front end loader at Holland Island
Holland Island Bar light, which seems to have become nursery for Double Crested Cormorants. 
Another landmark, the "Target Ship", the American Mariner, a ship towed to the middle ground and grounded as a target for naval bombardment, and as a target for planes.
My prize for the day was this 22 inch Speckled Trout I jigged up on the Middle Ground.

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