Saturday, August 5, 2017

Daily Beach Report

The temperature and humidity dropped noticeably overnight, as a cool front moved in, bringing clear skies, and 20 kt NE winds.The tide was very high, threatening to get into the kudzu in places, but the beach was still open enough to go the distance up past Matoaka Cottages.
Skye was happy with the cooler weather. Being Saturday, there were a fair number of people at the beach, and she got her fair share of ooh, ahhs, and pets.
 An Osprey with the catch of the day. A few Ospreys and an eagle were making repetitive passes over the cliff edge.
A male Spicebush Swallowtail looking for a suitable place out of the wind to puddle.
 This Zebra Swallowtail set down in the wind, and just fluttered.
Part of the local herd on the way home.

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