Friday, December 2, 2016

The Quotable Stacy McCain

#FreeStacy Quoting My His Favorite Source
Did you know that there is an online list of quotes by me? Who started compiling my aphorisms at AZ Quotes, I don’t know, but here are a few of my favorites, with links to the original sources:

“Writing is a skill, not a talent, and this difference is important because a skill can be improved by practice.”
. . .
“When I said that the mentally ill should be in institutions, public universities weren’t the kind of institutions I had in mind.”
. . .
“One of the most annoying habits of liberals is their tendency to confuse their political agenda with moral virtue.”
. . .
“Offend a Christian and he is obliged to pray for your salvation. Offend a Muslim and he is obliged to murder you.”
Not bad. Now go get a few more going.
By the way, wouldn’t this be a good time to use the #FreeStacy hashtagand ask @Twitter @Support to restore @rsmccain? It’s rather annoying to be an award-winning journalist with more than 30 years in the news business, and to know that some whiny complainer’s bogus claim that I was “participating in targeted abuse” should have caused the suspension of an account I’d been using for seven years. Twitter’s project of silencing Hillary Clinton’s critics failed to get her elected, and they should repeal their transparently partisan policy of preventing free speech.
Since I'm not on twitter (a vice I've managed to avoid) I can't help there. However, if it's illegal for Bakers not to write on cakes because of their opinions, it should be illegal for Twitter to practice workplace bias based on opinions. They are a public accommodation in the US every bit as much as bakeries and pizzerias.

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  1. GAB is a good alternative to Twitter and doesn't censor posters.