Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Art Critics Not Thrilled with Da Vinci Rip Off

Brazil's Miss Bumbum beauty pageant has sparked anger after bikini-clad contestants posed for a recreation of the iconic religious painting The Last Supper - with the woman with the 'sexiest' bottom playing Jesus.

In the photo, eight hopefuls in the popular 'rear of the year' contest are portrayed as Christ and his disciples on the night before his crucifixion in a scene that has offended many in the deeply Catholic country.

Wait, I was taught there were 12 disciples. They're at 5 short! This is terrible art!

The usual suspects were also not impressed:
Last night religious leaders branded the remake of the Da Vinci masterpiece 'deeply disrespectful' while even Brazil's religious intolerance commission waded in to the debate as anger over the picture grew.
2014's Miss Bum Bum, Claudia Alende, also fell afoul of the religious with her depiction of the Virgin Mary on  her otherwise bare body. I don't think the Brazilians take their Catholicism too seriously.

Wombat-socho has "Rule 5 Sunday: The Week Before Christmas" ready for your viewing pleasure at The Other McCain.

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