Friday, December 9, 2016

Fake News from Chesapeake Bay

I ran across this one today "Trump Moves Cast Cloud Over Climate Change Work in Maryland", the usual suspects hyperventilating over the nominations President-elect Donald Trump is making in the environmental areas. Pretty much what you'd expect, until I got to this paragraph:
The effects of climate change and increased pollution have resulted in consistently rising sea levels of the Bay over the past few decades.

If by the last few decades you mean over a century, and if by climate change you mean the change in the climate that started well before the majority of the pollution you seem so concerned with.

And then they write:
From November of last year to September of this year, the mean sea level of the Bay increased by nearly one-tenth of a meter, according to data gathered from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration records.
Of course, it turns out there is a seasonal cycle of sea level which just happens to peak in Sept.

And look, no acceleration of sea level rise in the modern era

If you don't understand the science, don't write about it.

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