Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Socialismo Advances in Venezuela

Three dead in Venezuela cash unrest
A weekend of looting and clashes left at least three people dead in Venezuela, authorities said, as anger roiled over a chaotic currency reform that left many without cash.

A man, a woman and an adolescent boy were shot dead when violence erupted on Saturday in the town of La Paragua, in the southern state of Bolivar, the attorney general's office confirmed on Monday.

The opposition Democratic Unity Roundtable (MUD), which accuses President Nicolas Maduro of driving oil-rich Venezuela to the brink of economic collapse, contested the death toll. It said five people had died in the state.

Unrest broke out Friday after Maduro ordered the 100-bolivar bill removed from circulation before the 500-bolivar bills intended to replace it had arrived.

Desperate Venezuelans looted delivery trucks, burned banks and clashed with police in towns across the country as the move left them with no cash to buy food.
Because when socialists plan economies, they think of everything.
The new 500-bolivar note, the first in the new series, had originally been due to go into circulation last Thursday.

Maduro said the planes bringing it to Venezuela from abroad were delayed in a US-backed conspiracy.

The leftist firebrand called the alleged plot US President Barack Obama's "death throes."
But it's not too early to start blaming President-elect Trump

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