Saturday, March 26, 2016

Beach Report, 3/26/15

I find it hard to imagine this is the first beach report of March. It's not the first trip to the beach, but I forgot to bring a camera along a few times, so no report.

A cool, slightly breezy (10 mph N) day, with clear skies and 50 F air, to match the water.
One of the first unusual things we found was a huge mass of small Macoma clams washed up on the beach, and in the surf. They seemed to be mostly alive, although sea gulls were trying to put them out of their misery. I would guess they got washed out of the sand by wave action. The can burrow, but they're pretty slow, especially in 50 F water.
 A young eagle soars far over the trees on top of the cliff. It's not yet in adult colors, as they stay in a sequence of juvenile colors for three years.

Our main foliage trees, Tulip Poplars and various oaks, are just starting get leaves. The next 2-3 weeks should bring a big change in the scenery.
Coltsfoot and Horsetail starting to come up in the rubble at the base of the cliff, but not a horse in sight.
The first Osprey sighting. St. Patrick's Day is the traditional arrival time for Ospreys in our area, but they seem to be a little later on our stretch of beach.
Georgia and Skye bringing up the rear (for a change).
Yoga pants and bare feet in 50 F wind, picking up trash on the beach.
Ring-billed Gulls seemed to be picking up the clams.
The Taurus heads out for a trip. Fishing? I don't see rods, but they could be inside.

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