Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Fishing on the Ides of March 2016

Ron (One Fish) asked if I'd go fishing this afternoon. Hell, Yes! The fish are in at Location X after a couple weeks of slow fishing. Not a lot of big ones, but a fair number of middle 20s inch fish.
Pete was out with a party of Hawaiians. He said one of them caught a 39 inch fish. That's pretty big!
This was the nicest one I caught. I jigging in a mass of little fish just pecking at the lure, and he evidently got pissed off at the little guys trying to eat something and grabbed it. It got him a quick trip to the surface before being released.
I love daylight savings time! It was 6:30 at sunset!
The trees are still bare on the cliffs, and you can see the clouds on the horizon through them.

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