Monday, March 21, 2016

Obama Takes Apology Tour to Cuba

Like getting the old band back together: Obama Welcomes Castro's Criticism of America: 'I Personally Would Not Disagree'
President Obama said that he "personally would not disagree" with some of Cuban President Raul Castro's criticisms of America:

"President Castro, I think, has pointed out that in his view making sure that everybody is getting a decent education or health care, has basic security and old age, that those things are human rights as well. I personally would not disagree with him," Obama said.
How many people have gotten onto leaky boats or climbed guarded walls to escape democratic capitalism?

I'm not opposed to opening relations with Cuba, but there's absolutely no reason to kiss the Castro's asses.

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  1. What I saw was a dignified President who was attempting to reach out and find commonality in order to begin building a bridge with Cuba. The potential for righteous indignation on both sides was always present but both leaders sought to find some parallels on which to move forward. I cringe at the thought of a President Trump boorishly telling Castro how rich he was or how many Cuban friends he has and how they all love him. And I knew the moment Obama began to speak about 'commonality' and 'mutual respect', the RW would again revive the ‘apology tour’ zombie lie. Hannity is nothing if not transparent, predictable and an empty shellacked coiffed shill.