Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Fish Cops Arrests Four Poachers, Three Drug Dealers and a Tree Trimmer

Officers conducting surveillance early Sunday morning at the Ferry Bridge on Hooper Island saw two groups of recreational fishermen catching and keeping striped bass. One group had 16 fish and the other group had nine fish. The rockfish season is closed.

Edgar Fuentes DeMata, 37, and Lenin Gonzalez Fuentes, 34, both of Bladensburg, were each charged with possessing eight striped bass in a closed season. They are required to appear in Dorchester District Court rather than being allowed to pay a fine. Their hearing is scheduled for May 18. If found guilty, they each could be fined as much as $1,500.

Joel Ramos Campos, 49, and Jorge Widmar Flores, 36, both of Hyattsville, were each charged with possessing four fish in a closed season. Flores also was charged with fishing without a license. Their hearing is scheduled for May 18. Campos can avoid a trial by paying a fine of $1,000. Flores must pay a fine of $1,075 to avoid trial.
Something about those names? What do you suppose the chances of the ones released on bond will show up for trial? And the numbers of fish don't add up. What happened to the extra fish.
Three juveniles found in Assateague State Park after hours on Friday were arrested for attempted drug dealing and turned over to the state Department of Juvenile Services.

Officers on park patrol just before midnight noticed a car at the marina and pulled up to check it out. They smelled marijuana as they talked to the vehicle’s driver and then found two other juveniles hiding in the nearby reeds.

While searching the car, the officers found marijuana in plastic bags and vacuum-sealed bags, several packages of concentrated tetrahydrocannabinol, two digital scales and three grinders.
 Yep, we see that at our beach too.
A Westernport man was charged on Saturday with running an unlicensed tree contracting business and was subsequently arrested when an officer found he was wanted under two warrants.
Another day in the life of a fish cop. I got stopped out on the Bay last week. After showing I had enough life jackets for Trevor and I we parted amicably.

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