Friday, March 25, 2016

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling at

The email scandal just keeps rolling:

Clinton Received Training On Classified Docs Just ONCE in Three Years At State
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton received no security briefings on the proper handling of classified materials in three of her four years at the State Department, according to documents released by department officials to The Daily Caller News Foundation under a Freedom of Information request.

Clinton’s sole briefing occurred on January 22, the day after the Senate confirmed her to the post. On that date, as the nation’s top diplomat, Clinton signed a document acknowledging she received a security briefing.

“I hereby acknowledge that I have received a security indoctrination concerning the nature and protection of SCI,” or the nation’s highest classified materials, was part of the pledge in the document.

But there is no evidence that she received any briefings after that, according to the documents provided to TheDCNF by the State Department. The department’s Foreign Assistance Manual requires all State Department employees to receive regular security training at least once a year.
You wouldn't want the Secretary of State to play by the rules, would you? Those yearly 15 minute tests are so onerous.

More on the newly recovered emails from the early days of the server, that, to say the least, call the accuracy of her claims into question.
Fitton, the Judicial Watch head, described Thursday’s email as a repudiation of Clinton’s timeline. “So now we know that, contrary to her statement under oath suggesting otherwise, Hillary Clinton did not turn over all her government emails,” he said in a statement. “We also know why Hillary Clinton falsely suggests she didn’t use account prior to March, 18, 2009 — because she didn’t want Americans to know about her February 13, 2009, email that shows that she knew her Blackberry and email use was not secure.”
Brian Pagliano, the former Clinton campaign worker, who came to the State Dept. as a special "Schedule C Employee? Nobody seemed to know much about him: Role of tech who set up Clinton's server unknown to bosses at State. His testimony under a grant of immunity should be illuminating.

Like any good government agency, the State Dept. is using the Hillary Clinton email "crisis" to argue that it's understaffed and underfunded.  State: We don't have enough people to process Clinton records requests. You could have saved a lot of time and trouble by making her at least go through the motions of caring about security.

They got the whole world in their hands, they got everybody in it in their hands, James Comey and Loretta Lynch Hold the Whole Country in Their Hands.

The sometimes correct Ed Klein claims that the FBI May Seek Immunity for Huma to Nail Hillary, Not That There's Anything Wrong With That. Nope, there's a lot right with that.

Respect the 'stache! John Bolton warns that the FBI will explode if they recommend indicting Hillary, and Lynch passes it up. I think explode may be a bit hyperbolic, but, I'm not sure after watching "Quantico."

Another Hillary flip-flop remembered: Hillary Clinton wasn’t always against profiling Muslims

After Bill Clinton, either absentmindedly or deliberately dissed Obama on his last 7 years in office, Chelsea got into the act and said that her mother would have to fix Obamacare's "crushing costs". Demagogues got to gogue.

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