Saturday, March 19, 2016

Clinton.dom Addicted to Blackberries

Like a teenager, Hillary Clinton was so hooked by her Blackberry she used it despite knowing the security issues: Hillary Knew Her Blackberry Wasn’t Secure Enough For Official Email But She Used It Anyway
Newly released emails reveal Hillary Clinton was made aware of security concerns over her Blackberry when she became secretary of state.

She requested a secure Blackberry from the National Security Agency in 2009, but the NSA denied her request.

Officials argued there were security vulnerabilities with using Blackberry devices for secure communications or in secure areas.

Clinton was sworn in as secretary the prior month, and had become “hooked” on reading and answering emails on a BlackBerry she used during the 2008 presidential race.
General Petreaus thinks she's being treated fairly.

I think she is too. Let's see what the FBI finds and then decide what to do. But don't stall until she's in office. She could still get off the hook if the DOJ and the President lean hard enough.

What happens if she get's indicted? The chaos scenario for Democrats

Tough "journolism": Hillary quizzed about pizza, birthday gifts, favorite romantic comedy. Because they'd rather ask her about something pleasant than Benghazi, the email scandal and all her other baggage. Speaking of which, some history for any millennials that stop by:

More here: Democrats "A Criminal Gang" Seeking Wealth and Power

This might be a little strong, but I understand the concern: I'd Vote for Trump, Clinton Will Destroy World. Nope, just the United States. Chelsea Clinton admits brags that her mother not only supports open borders, she wants to extend Obamacare to illegal aliens (which is already occurring anyway, thanks to sloppy paperwork.

But. Black Dems aren’t turning out for Hillary like they did for Obama.
The number of African-Americans who voted in Tuesday’s primaries plummeted by an estimated 40 percent in Ohio, 38 percent in Florida and 34 percent in North Carolina compared with the 2008 Democratic primary when Barack Obama was on the ballot, reported the advocacy group Black Votes Matter.

Record numbers of African-American voters flocked to the polls to elect and re-elect America’s first black president.

Analysts expected some drop-off, but not the enormous numbers recorded Tuesday.
And why should they; what have they gotten from the democrats? Not jobs. Hillary Clinton faces challenge: Black voters in Rust Belt.

And a little lightness: Hillary or Trump?

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