Friday, March 11, 2016

A Full Plate at

I keep thinking it's going to slack, but it never seems to.

Former federal prosecutor Joe DiGenova thinks that the Odds of a Hillary email grand jury underway just went much higher.
“My long experience as the United States Attorney and an independent counsel makes me conclude as a matter of professional judgment that a grand jury exists,” diGenova told TheDCNF. “It is readily apparent to me that there is at least a grand jury impaneled for the purposes of issuing subpoenas,” he said.
 He also thinks that the FBI is looking into political corruption through Hillary at the Clinton Foundation (aka
“The Bureau has between 100 and 150 agents assigned to the case. They would not have that many people assigned to a classified information case,” he told TheDCNF, addressing Clinton’s use of a private email server located at her New York home.

“Based on reports that agents are asking questions about the foundation, it seems to me it is the subject of a second prong of the investigation,” he said.
Yeah, but he worked in an honest administration. And by way of Wombat-socho's "In The Mailbox: 03.08.16"Hillary to Lose the FBI Primary
Hillary forgets that emails are marked because they are classified and not classified because they are marked. It is the content that makes all the difference, not the markings. She put the classified information in these emails and her claim that there were no classified markings is specious because at least one of her emails instructed her staff to remove markings and send classified data via unsecure means.
. . .
Hillary wants to be the first female president. It is looking increasingly likely that her only first will be to be the first presidential candidate, or even nominee, to be under a federal indictment.
But Maggie at Maggie's Notebook thinks the DOJ is getting ready to throw the case. Bryan Pagliano: No Proffer but Immunity? Is This How DOJ Gets Hillary Out Of Her Mess?

Democrats loyal to the felon continue to run interference: Dem lawmakers raise doubts on IGs' Clinton email review. But just in case, a few far sighted Democrats are thinking of alternatives: Al Sharpton wants Biden, Kerry, Warren to run if Clinton indicted. Why Not colleague Melissa Harris-Perry? I hear she has time on her hands.

After a Shameless Hillary Again calls Benghazi Mom a Liar, one of the Benghazi Victim’s Mothers says there's a ‘Special Place In Hell’ For People Like Hillary, “I Hope She Enjoys It There’. It's probably got comfy chairs, and a fast secure email system. One of Bernie's supporters formerly at the DNC claims Clinton will drag us into more wars. It would be one thing if she actually intended to win them for some American goal, rather than to look masculine for the next election.

If you're worried about Trump (and I am) consider: To save the Supreme Court, vote Trump over Clinton. I would vote for a rabid dog before I'd vote for Clinton. The rabid dog would at least die.

Big labor is more worried about defections to Trump than supporting Hillary. I wonder why? Oh: Clinton Foundation Hires H-1B Guest Workers in Place of American Graduates. Hillary give lip service to labor, but plans to swamp the US with immigrants, legal and illegal. Guess what happens to labor's jobs.
Hillary Clinton’s pledge not to deport any illegal immigrants except violent criminals and terrorists represents a major break from President Obama, and it could vastly increase the number of people who would be allowed to stay in the country.
And by way of Theo's the trailer for Dinesh DeSouza's "Hillary's America"

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