Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Court Whacks IRS's Tallies

Court rebukes IRS for tea party targeting, orders release of secret list
A federal appeals court spanked the IRS Tuesday, saying it has taken laws designed to protect taxpayers from the government and turned them on their head, using them to try to protect the tax agency from the very tea party groups it targeted.

The judges ordered the IRS to quickly turn over the full list of groups it targeted so that a class-action lawsuit, filed by the NorCal Tea Party Patriots, can proceed. The judges also accused the Justice Department lawyers, who are representing the IRS in the case, of acting in bad faith — compounding the initial targeting — by fighting the disclosure.
Like the little girl who begged the judge for mercy as an orphan after killing her parents, the IRS wanted to keep the secret list secret "to protect" the anonymity of the party's affected.
“The lawyers in the Department of Justice have a long and storied tradition of defending the nation’s interests and enforcing its laws — all of them, not just selective ones — in a manner worthy of the Department’s name.

The conduct of the IRS’s attorneys in the district court falls outside that tradition,” Judge Raymond Kethledge wrote in a unanimous opinion for a three-judge panel of the Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals. “We expect that the IRS will do better going forward.”
Nothing can reform the various federal bureaucracies until people are able to hold federal bureaucrats personally responsible for their actions.

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