Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Cantor Read Out of Congress

The political news du jour is the defeat of Eric Cantor (R-Va), House Majority Leader in his primary in the 7th Congressional district.

The immediate cause of Cantor's ouster appears to have been his on and off support for "immigration reform", which has become big news in the past week or so as literally thousands of children have been storming the southern border for entry, hoping to take advantage the President's "Pen and Phone" amnesty program. While they may not be granted entry this week, next week seems open to question. More on that from Mickey Kaus.
But the main issue in the race was immigration. It’s what Brat emphasized, and what his supporters in the right wing media (Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Mark Levin) emphasized. It’s the charge Cantor defended against—by conceding the issue and posing as a staunch amnesty opponent.*** But Cantor had signed onto the GOP’s pro-amnesty “principles” and endorsed a poll-tested but irresponsibly sweeping amnesty for children (a “founding principle” of the country, he said). Brat opposed all this, even as illegal immigrant children were surging across the border in search of a Cantor-style deal.

Brat won this immigration debate. Cantor lost. It’s basically that simple. If Cantor had gotten the majority of votes, certainly the MSM would have spun the outcome as a defeat for “comprehensive immigration reform” opponents.
A few months ago, when the "Reign of Pain" government shutdown was all the rage, Cantor, as Majority Leader, was portrayed in the liberal national media as a dangerous extremist. That tone changed sharply once there was some indication that he was leaning their way on immigration. Now, of course, the media is whining that the wing-nuts terrorist Tea Party have taken control of the party.

Cantor was defeated by Dr. David Brat, a professor of economics and ethics at Randolph-Macon College in Ashland VA. But what good could come from a knowledge of economics and ethics in the US congress?
Brat complained that Cantor, 50, has a “crony-capitalist mentality” to take care of the corporate sector ahead of the interests of small businesses.

“On the conservative scorecard, on the free market votes, he’s doing everything wrong,” Brat said. “He’s not following what folks in his district want him to do and it’s hurting the country.”

Brat calls himself as a “free market guy,” and says he wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He also pledged never to increase taxes and to stick to a five-year promise not to vote to increase the debt limit.
He won despite a 20:1 disadvantage in funding:
Cantor had a large money advantage heading into the election: Brat raised just $207,000 in comparison to Cantor’s $5.44 million.
Curiously, in the general election Brat will face Jack Trammel, also from the same small college.
According to articles posted on the Randolph-Macon web site, Trammell joined the college’s faculty in 2000 after doing graduate work at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond. He has directed the school’s disability support services department and its honors program and serves as an associate professor of sociology, specializing in disability issues in higher education.

Trammell is also a frequently published author, having most recently published “The Richmond Slave Trade: The Economic Backbone of The Old Dominion” in 2012. He has also served as president of the Blue Ridge Virginia Writer’s Club.
That will certainly be a race to watch come November,

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