Tuesday, June 17, 2014

A Pack of Ravening Wild Dogs Ate IRS's Homework

A few days ago, I posted a bit about how Lois Lerner's emails from 2009-2011 went missing, apparently long after the republicans on the house committee investigating the IRS targeting of Tea Party groups.  First, Koskinen said they had the emails but it was going to take years (or at least until after the next presidential election) to redact the truth out of them.  Then, the IRS claimed that Lerner's hard drive had crashed during a period when the IRS was not centrally archiving email, but individuals had to archive their own emails due to a lack of central storage. I even recall such a spell at the Smithsonian in the requisite era. This did cause numerous commentators, including myself, to liken it to a dog having eaten the homework.  While just outside the bar of implausibility, it seemed awfully convenient for the one hard drive critical to the investigation to have gone tits up.

Apparently, there was not just one dog hungry for the IRS homework, there was a whole pack:
It’s not just Lois Lerner’s e-mails. The Internal Revenue Service says it can’t produce e-mails from six more employees involved in the targeting of conservative groups, according to two Republicans investigating the scandal.

The IRS recently informed Ways and Means chairman Dave Camp and subcommittee chairman Charles Boustany that computer crashes resulted in additional lost e-mails, including from Nikole Flax, the chief of staff to former IRS commissioner Steven Miller, who was fired in the wake of the targeting scandal.
Having a single hard drive crash delete important data was barely within the realm of possibility; invoking the same explanation for six different individuals is just flaunting their feelings of invulnerability.

From Stacy McCain - Call Implausible IRS Lie About ‘Lost’ Emails What It Is: Obstruction of Justice
Democrats lie routinely and habitually, and are accustomed to having their lies accepted without question by the media. It is therefore significant that the media are openly mocking the preposterous claim that Lois Lerner’s emails have been “lost”:
Time for the House to hit the IRS where it hurts, in their budget.

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