Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Shortage of Organic Food...

... Inorganic food still available and dirt cheap.

For those of us with a biochemical and chemical background the claim that certain food are "organic" has always been hysterically funny.  Except for some mineral supplements, all food is organic in that it is made primarily of organic compounds.  The false distinction of whether a food was grown with or without man made fertilizers or pesticides is simply a matter of price; food made without fertilizer and unprotected from grazing insects is simply more expensive, because it is more difficult to grow in volume, it is simply no different in food quality.  That's why I find this story so amusing:

Organic food shortage hits US
Organic and cage free eggs are becoming popular to the point that that some major grocery chains are reporting shortages.

A New Jersey ShopRite recently posted a sign saying the short supply was industry-wide and was due to increased demand and limited availability.

A Colorado blogger also snapped a picture in a Safeway store referencing a nationwide shortage of specialty and organic eggs.

And it seems supplies certain kinds of organic produce may also be temporarily limited.

Jon Steffy, of Organicproducegeek.com says demand during diet season, which he calls "resolution season", is amplified.
Yuppies and hippies hardest hit.

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