Sunday, January 26, 2014

Frog Prince Dumps First Frogette

Julie Gayet
For the last week or so, we've been following the trials and tribulations of the socialist French President (and Co-Prince of Andorra) François Hollande and his mistress of a decade, journalist Valérie Trierweiler after he was discovered to be swimming in a new pond, with Julie Gayet, a 41 year year old soft core porn actress (NSFW link). Though, by French standards, she's pretty much just an ordinary skinny actress. She'll never hold a candle to Carla Bruni.

Because France has an official role for the "First Lady", including a staff and budget, this left Val (can I call her Val to avoid having to copy and paste "é" over and over?) somewhat uncertain over her status. It probably didn't help her case when she trashed the Palace Elysée like a drunken rock star and broke a million dollar vase. Who has a million dollar vase? The socialist President of France (and Co-Prince of Andorra) , that's who.

Now we hear that Preznit (and Co-Prince) Hollande has made the determination that Val will no longer serve as the First Frogette:
Frank and Val
Valérie Trierweiler loses First Lady status as President Hollande confirms separation
President François Hollande tonight announced his separation from the First Lady Valérie Trierweiler in a curt personal statement.

In a telephone call to the French news agency, Mr Hollande, said: “I am letting it be known that I have put an end to the life I shared with Valérie Trierweiler.
Determined not to dignify her own her own dismissal, Val refused to go through the appropriate motions.
”Ms Trierweiler, 48, refused to add her own name to the declaration, to make it clear that the decision to sever their unmarried partnership was Mr Hollande’s alone.
We are not being informed at this time as to whether Hollande will elevate Julie, or perhaps some other cutie to the post, or simply do without a "First Lady", although early signs were not promising:
Elysée Palace sources have indicated in recent days that he has no intention at this stage of making the actress Julie Gayet his official partner and First Lady. He plans, the sources say, to live in the Elysée alone.
I think the Palace needs a woman's breakage touch, don't you?

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  1. Sorry, I had to unlink your blog from mine. National epithets like "frog" are not humorous; they're sophomoric. Intelligent readers deserve better.