Tuesday, January 21, 2014

'Abortion Barbie' Caught Shading the Truth

Wendy Davis, the blonde, photogenic Texas lawyer and Democratic state Senator who recently gained national attention by holding an 11 hour "filibuster" of a Republican abortion bill just found out that national attention can be a good or a bad thing as it may cause people to dig into and actually fact check your biography.
More Wendy Davis 'Rule 5' here

[Wendy Davis] has admitted to the Dallas Morning News that she lied about key events in her life, including her first divorce. Davis may even have lied under oath, testifying in a federal lawsuit over redistricting that “I got divorced by the time I was 19 years old,” when in fact she was divorced at age 21.

Other missing details have included: her second husband paid her way through law school and she divorced him the day after the last payment was made; her ex-husband accused her in initial court filings of adultery, and was awarded custody of their two daughters; and she first ran for city council in Fort Worth as a Republican. “My language should be tighter,” she said, admitting her campaign biography has been less than truthful.
As somebody somewhere noted, it was probably worth the cost of Harvard education to get rid her; it doesn't seem like she was a terrible dedicated wife and mother.  As for the two years; I'm willing to write that one off to confusion; what's a year or two here or there?  Thinking back, I might have a hard time deciding whether something stupid I did way back when was when I was 19 or 21.

Abortion isn't really my thing, I differ from some conservatives in that I'm not particularly opposed to abortion; I think every liberal should be one have one, just on the off chance that there's a genetic component.  However, I think you ought to think about it early enough to have it before the third trimester; it's cleaner that way, and I think that abortionist should be held to at least the same training and cleanliness standards of McDonald's. But the way she has been catapulted into the ranks of feminist heroes is just ludicrous. As Stacy McCain noted in  Let’s Slut-Shame @WendyDavisTexas!
. . .However, the point of mocking progressive celebrity women is not because such mockery will contribute to their electoral defeat. No, the purpose of deriding Democrat women is to inspire feminists to frothing rage over the alleged sexism of conservatives.

Of course, Republican women are routinely disparaged in the most foul misogynist ways by left-wingers, and feminists never say a word about that, but let Rush Limbaugh make a wisecrack about Sandra Fluke and suddenly it’s a right-wing #WarOnWomen.
Conservatives are going to be slammed as misogynists no matter what we say or do, so we might as well have some fun and try to do something that will provoke a wildly unhinged Amanda Marcotte rant.

Most of the resentment over Wendy Davis’s fudging of her biography —“My language should be tighter,” she admitted to the Dallas Morning News — is focused on her depiction of herself as a struggling “single mom,” despite the way she hooked up with an older sugar daddy when she was 21, married him when she was 24, moved into a posh neighborhood, and got him to pay her way through Harvard Law. Then Wendy left him with custody not only of the daughter they’d had together, but also with her daughter from her first marriage.

Not to be judgmental or anything, but that’s scarcely the tale of hardship and woe that wins much sympathy from actual single moms, many of whom are conservative women, and disinclined to RSVP to the Wendy Davis Feminist Victimhood Pity Party.
I look forward to her utter defeat at the hands of Greg Abbot (R) in her bid for governor of Texas.

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