Saturday, January 25, 2014

Rule 5 Saturday - Klondike Girls

No, not real girls from the Klondike, although that might be interesting too. Rather, the girls from the Discovery Channel TV movie Klondike, which played three nights for a total of somewhat over six hours this week.  This Rule 5 post is for the two women with prominent role in this monster.

The first is Abbie Cornish, an Aussie actress, 31 years old, and a natural blonde, who played the brunette Belinda Mulrooney, the Dawson City hotel and real estate mogul (the only more or less honest one) and main squeeze of the protagonist, Bill Haskell, played by Richard Madden.

Abbie has a pretty good resume for a young actress, including the award winning Somersault (2004)  and Candy (2006) (NSFW links).

Every good oater (or is this an husky?), needs a hooker with a heart of gold.  Conor Leslie (yep, her name is backwards) played that role in the character of Sabine, fresh to the Yukon territories, and looking to get rich and ends up taking care of the local saint as he dies. At 23 her resume is not as long, but has played in Chained (2012),Campus Life (2013) and Dirty Beautiful (2013).

Visually, the movie was very nice, with stunning scenery and wildlife shots.  I enjoyed the actors, but I thought the plot was a little, no, a lot strained.

The bad guys were too bad (not even a shade of gray) and the good guys too tormented by thoughts and conscience.  In the course of one gold mining season (6 months tops?), the town of Dawson goes from a mud pit to a real town.  Now, I know those things sprouted fast (and often died fast) but this seemed to push the boundaries.  The most amusing catch was when Belinda, suddenly realizing she needs to rescue Bill, runs outside of her hotel to find a dog team and sled conveniently parked (in the mud) like a car share.

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