Thursday, January 23, 2014

EPA/CIA Fraudster Plotted to 'Change Capitalism's DNA'

Courtesy of a tip from Wombat-Socho's"Live at 5" this morning, a bit more on John Beale, the upper muckety muck at EPA who claimed to be a CIA agent to cover for, well, just not showing up very much.  It turns out he was also plotting to "change" capitalism to make it more amenable to EPA bullying:

Ex-EPA official told lawmakers of project to 'modify the DNA' of capitalism
A former high-ranking EPA official who recently was sentenced to prison for fraud told lawmakers last month that, before he left the agency, he was working on a "project" examining ways to "modify the DNA of the capitalist system."

The startlingly blunt comment was included in newly released transcripts of John Beale's deposition before the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee. One group that is frequently critical of the Obama administration's energy policy, the Institute for Energy Research, said the claim is a "smoking gun" that reveals the administration's true intentions.

Beale's credibility is not exactly ironclad. He was sentenced last month to 32 months in prison for bilking taxpayers out of nearly $1 million by pretending to be a CIA agent.

But, in the transcripts, he spoke in great detail about meetings he supposedly had with EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, back when she was heading the Office of Air and Radiation.

Beale said they started meeting in mid-2009. At a lunch, he claimed his "fabricated story about working at CIA came up," but that they also discussed various projects. Beale recalled telling her about a project he wanted to work on, which he described as "green economics."

He argued that environmental regulation was reaching its "limits" because "the fundamental dynamic of the capitalistic system is for businesses and individuals to try to externalize all costs." So he said he began working on his plan.

This, he said, involved "coming up with specific proposals that could be -- could have been proposed either legislatively or things which could have been done administratively to kind of modify the DNA of the capitalist system."
Watermelon environmentalism; green on the outside, red on the inside.  The chutzpah of these people is that they think they do have the authority to overthrow the basic economic structure of the country.

I strongly suspect the nation is a lot better off for Robert Beale having cut work. A lot.

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