Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Shannon Tweed - Sealed with a KISS

KISS Frontman Gene Simmons Pops the Question to Shannon Tweed
KISS frontman Gene Simmons sealed his longtime love for Shannon Tweed with a kiss...and proposal.

The rock legend who once vowed he wasn't the marrying kind has—after more than 25 years of living together and raising two kids—finally asked the ex-Playboy Playmate for her hand in marriage.

And wouldn't you know…the touching moment just happened to be caught on camera for their A&E reality series, Gene Simmons' Family Jewels!
While I was away in Halifax, the most important thing in the world happened (at least according to my daily hit statistics); Gene Simmons proposed to Shannon Tweed!  Amazingly, hits on my previous post on Shannon and her pseudo-marital woes with Gene spiked from a dozen or so a day to over a thousand, by far my highest day yet. Thanks ya'll!

When last we checked, Shannon had stormed off the set of Joy Behar's show (good choice, Shannon) because Gene, her long time companion, and father of her two kids, didn't show proper contrition for his reputed numerous pseudo-infidelities.

The fact that this proposal came on camera, and just in time for the season finale of their sitcom, no doubt just a coincidence...

Anyway, I wish the couple well.  Good luck with your show.  Just don't expect me to watch it.  Sounds like way too much drama.

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