Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fools at

The Justice Department’s Hillary Transparency
When it comes to Hillary Clinton’s e-mail scandal, the most important thing to bear in mind — even more than classified information — is this: It was all about achieving accountability. It still is.
Clinton aides disagree on FBI legal strategy
Four of Hillary Clinton’s closest aides appear to have adopted a typical criminal legal strategy, hiring the different ex-Justice Department attorneys to represent them in the FBI’s investigation of Clinton's private email server.

The divergent pathway suggests they plan to tell investigators different versions of the story — although legal experts say the strategy presents its own risks, should the interests of the four aides begin to converge as the probe moves ahead.
This one wasn't hard at all -  Media Finding it Easier and Easier to Ignore Hillary's Metastasizing Scandals

Sen. Diane Feinstein expounds for hours on Hillary Clinton's long Senate service and achievements, without even bothering to look them up on Google.

Hillary responded to a pro-Bernie Greenpeace activist with a cool, measured response.

George Will says he supports Hillary for the wonderful job she did in Libya.

This one is just silly: Clinton Offers Unpredictability in a Stodgy Political Year 

Bernie Sanders supporter reported to be all in should Hillary prevail.

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