Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Why You Don't Debate an SJW

Why bother arguing with angry feminists and social justice warriors when this could end up happening?

On Friday, March 4, The Rebel's Lauren Southern had a bottle of urine poured on her because she destroyed feminists in a debate.
. . .
According to the video description by Press For Truth, “a group of SJW's and feminist gathered outside the Railway Club in Vancouver where a man named Augustus Invictus was scheduled to give a talk. He was stopped at the Canadian border and refused entry on the grounds that he "has no legitimate reason to enter the country and will just cause trouble." This didn't stop the social justice warriors from bringing the trouble anyways as rebel media reporter Lauren Southern was assaulted when a girl decided to dump a bottle of piss water all over her.”
It's rather disgusting that this is their choice over debate.

And just by coincidence, Ace has this thought provoking post on why it's sexist for Bernie Sanders not to allow Hillary Clinton to interrupt him.
Hard to read this any other way. She spends the bulk of the article defending what she's going to say -- knowing that it's pretty egregious -- but then says it anyway.

Remember, this is not about Bernie Sanders interrupting Clinton. That is something that happens in every debate, but if it were about that, at least one could see something of an argument -- why is Bernie Sanders interrupting Hillary to mansplain to her?

No, this is about Hillary Clinton interrupting Sanders, and Sanders saying, "Excuse me, I'm talking here."
By refusing to permit Hillary Clinton to interrupt him, he's guilty of a sexism infraction.
One could speculate a great deal about that [the possibility that Hillary is deliberately interupting Sanders precisely to get him to object, so that feminists can then whine about]. But then, there is this: Why, at this late date and this many debates into the 2016 presidential election cycle, has Sanders made demonstrably little to no effort to alter the way he interacts with the woman he at least strongly suspected he would be running against him from the day he declared his campaign? He has almost certainly had the same advice and information that every male candidate gets about the need to be constantly mindful about coming across like a chauvinist or a bully when on a debate stage facing a female competition.
Why should he change the way he deals with Hillary, just because she's a woman? If a man interrupted him, he'd also object; but this Social Justice Warrior bint is pretty sure Bernie should let her interrupt at will, otherwise he could "come across like a chauvinist or bully."

They try to hide this, but feminism isn't about equality, and hasn't been for at least a decade: It is about asserting, obliquely and covertly, that women are simply Superior, and should be deferred to by men on the very basis of their sex.
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